This comes up from time to time, so this will take care of the misconceived notions.Guru's and Senior Contributors are in no way employed by or connected with ZoneAlarm. We have received these titles for one reason and one reason only. We have stepped up and helped other ZoneAlarm users when they needed it. We are people just like you. Most of us have jobs, all of us have lives outside of ZoneAlarm, and some of us have other pursuits other than helping folks. We have good days and bad days. Most of our knowledge comes from personal experience. Some comes from other Guru's or Senior contributors, and some from users such as yourself. Yes there are problems that you will run into that are unique, because no one has had them yet, at least no one that we know of.Just because you read of something on another board, doesn't mean we here are aware of it. If you have a problem and would like help with it, the more information we get, the better we will be able to help you. Sometimes it will be a short fix, done with a single post. Other times it will be a very lengthy process. We will try and help you, even if none of us has ever even heard of the problem you are having, as long as you are willing to work with us. None of the Guru's or Senior Contributors here claim to know it all. If they did, they wouldn't be Guru's or Senior contributors. We all are still learning every day.Sometimes users ( such as yourself ) get upset because we don't have all the answers, or that we go off in the wrong direction. Sorry it is a fact of life, but we do try to help. Some of you use software or ISP's that we don't have, or use. Even as a group, there is much out there that just has never crossed our radar.Every once in a while, a user will ask us about features in upcoming releases. Unless the future release is in a public beta release, we can't talk about it even if we did because of non-disclosure agreements. But most times we have absolutely no clue, because we don't get notified what is upcoming. Now there are two kinds of posters that are company employee's. Admins, and Forum Moderators. I have been here since this forum was in beta, and I have never seen an Admin post. But Forum Moderators do occasionally step in and help out, or deal with problems. We as Guru's and Senior Contributors have ZERO control over them. When you ask a question, give us as much information as possible, and we will try and help you. The more information we receive, the better chance there is we can help. But remember all of the above in case you don't get a response as soon as you think you should. You may never get one. It all depends on if anyone knows the answer, or can see where an answer may lie. All the Guru's /Senior Contributors may be busy helping others or it could be that we all are out mowing lawns. Please remember we are volunteer's and not employee's.