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Thread: Win Patrol And Zone Alarm

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    miffie Guest

    Default Win Patrol And Zone Alarm

    Is there any conflict between Zone Alarm Sec Suite and Win Patrol ? . I would welcome your comments if you are using both or have tried it and
    had any problems .
    cheers Miffie

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    Default Re: Win Patrol And Zone Alarm

    Hi!given that ZA Suite is already equipped with decent HIPS, you may have ovelaps with the protection offered bywinpatrol.To be sure you don't have compatibility problems you may want to disable ZA OS firewall Under ZA program control --> custom --> OSfirewall --> Uncheck "Enable OS firewall"Cheers,Fax

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    miffie Guest

    Default Re: Win Patrol And Zone Alarm

    Cheers fax , there is no way I will disable Zone alarm so will do without Win Patrol .thanks miffie

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    sjoeii Guest

    Default Re: Win Patrol And Zone Alarm

    I guess that's the best way indeed

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Win Patrol And Zone Alarm

    I am currently using WinPatrol - free- version 10 (planning to upgrade to 14 soon) concurrently with ZoneAlarm Anti-spyware version:7.0.462.000 and with Webroot SpySweeper 5.5.7 with
    no obvious problems. So I would put a 'green go' on the combination.<hr>
    from their FAQS...<hr>Will WinPatrol conflict with other security programs.<ul>WinPatrol works much differently than traditional Anti-Spyware &amp; Security programs. We don't hook directly into any system resources and all system monitoring is done as read only operations. Many of our users also use programs from Norton, **bleep**, McAfee, AVG, Panda, TrendMicro and no conflicts have been reported. Our users have also had success with Adaware, SpyBot as well as the highly recommended Zone Alarm.

    WinPatrol has an advantage in detecting and stopping potentially dangerous programs but we still encourage the use of the anti-virus program of your choice to help you find and remove any portions that remain.[/list]<ul>
    SpySweeper users have reported that Scotty regularly lets them know about changes to the HOSTs file. Apparently SpySweeper in its monitoring of the HOST file rewrites the file. We recommend you disable HOST file monitoring in either SpySweeper or in WinPatrol set the patrol time for HOST file to zero.[/list]<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 1-26-08 - While You See A Chance - Steve Winwood

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