Hello all,I had all sorts of trouble getting Windows Automatic Update (not the browser based version) to work with free ZoneAlarm (version 7.337 I _think_; two versions before the current version, of which more later! :-) )I looked at and tried putting various "microsoft.update" type entries (I can't remember the actual web addresses - sorry!) in the trusted zone as suggested by other posts, but this wouldn't work. It wasn't until I'd put my wireless adsl modem - router IP into the trusted zone that Windows Update would work.As far as I know, this router has it's own firewall, and uses network address translation, but I'm not sure if I've created an unnecessary risk by putting it into the trusted zone.Does anyone have any advice regarding this risk, or should this be ok to do?Thanks in advance,Kind regards,Roger.
(PS: the current version of free Zone Alarm and the version before it both crash my computer, with multiple_irp_requests being reported to the blue screen. I haven't analysed any crash dumps to see what other drivers are involved; I'll just keep using my slightly older version of ZoneAlarm for the moment.)

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)