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Thread: Keep getting blocked from my own website

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    greypilgrim_ Guest

    Default Keep getting blocked from my own website

    I'm tearing my hair out. I don't know if this is a problem with the firewall, my broadband, my host or my domain name registrar.

    I have a family website at If I try to view it from work, I can see it fine. Friends can see it fine from their pc's too. I can't see it from my pc!!! I get a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error.

    I've physically re-installed EVERYTHING from scratch on my PC, rebooted my cable box but I still get the same problem.

    Weird thing is it's very intermittent...It'll be blocked for a day or two, then I'll try it and it'll work fine...?

    when it IS blocked, it's not just the website itself that's blocked - I'm not able to connect to download emails, or even able to connect to the host to upload files via an ftp package.

    Can anyone offer any explanations. hosting company say everything is fine their end (and the fact it's only from this PC kind of bears that out)....

    however, I have two different domains with the same hosting company, and I've experienced the same problem with the second domain as well.

    Sorry for the long rambling mail which probably isn't firewall related anyway, but it's really driving me insane.


    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Keep getting blocked from my own website

    Dear GreyPilgrim:

    Have you tried pinging the website from the command line when you experience connection problems with your website? This is a business website. You are losing business every minute your website is down. I assume you are paying the hosting company money for hosting your website. Make sure the problem is not on their end. I would have friends and family check the website at different times(and from their different locations) to see if the hosting company is being truthful. Ask them to note the time they checked. Hosting companies have been known to go out of business without warning leaving its customers without a web presence. Do you have a service level agreement with them?

    A common FTP mistake is to use the same pathname the website pages are stored on your hard drive to upload to the server your website is located on when they are in fact different.

    Also, when you go out on the Internet to check your website, clear your browser's cache before doing so. If you bring up an error the first time, your browser will cache that error message to the URL you typed in the first time. To optimize performance, a browser will look first to the cache prior to contacting the website to download the webpages because it is much faster. To be sure your browser isn't using cached pages when you first open your browser, configure it to empty the cache on exit. That way, you start fresh each time. It's important to check with different web browsers as well, unless you have it optimized for a specific web browser in which case this should be noted on the home page.

    ZAPRO might be blocking you. What you could do is add your website URL to the Privacy panel, Site List tab(if it isn't already listed). Click Add and from the Add Site dialog box, enter the URL, then click OK. Click in each of the 6 columns for that entry and click Allow for all but Web Bugs. For it, click Enable.
    The result will be 6 green checkmarks. Basically, you are giving Trusted access to that website and are not blocking anything from it. You can set these back to Block, 1 at a time, to troubleshoot, if you want.

    Finally, you should have a technical support person whom you can contact in such events, even if it is only part time or less. I realize you are a small business but, if your website is actually down for periods of time, your business reputation is on the line.

    Hope this helps.


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