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Thread: Very Slow Boot with ZASS

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    starry173 Guest

    Default Very Slow Boot with ZASS

    I have a Dell Dimension 2350 ... 640 MB memory ... 2.2 Ghtz Pentium 4
    I have been having problems with extremely slow boot times along with
    a side-issue of not having all my systray icons appear. Currently,
    I am using StartupCPL to load my startup programs manually after the
    PC finally comes up, running just ZASS. It takes 5 minutes for the little
    Z to appear after I put in my password to boot up the PC. If I take ZASS
    out of the picture, the PC comes up in about 1.5 minutes. I've tried
    pretty much everything other than reloading the PC from scratch. Defragmenting
    the hard drive (20 GB free on the hard drive), removing temporary files, eliminating
    drivers that are no longer being used, eliminating unnecessary tasks and services.
    No matter what I do, the PC takes approximately 5 minutes to finish booting up. And
    when I look at the Task Manager, it doesn't appear as though much is happening during
    much of those 5 minutes. Disk access lights not coming on much...very little cpu being
    consumed. It's almost as if something (ZASS?) is waiting for something to time out
    before it will finish starting up the client. Meanwhile, at work, on a Dell Optiplex 320,
    it comes up super fast with no problems. So what is going on?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    huldin_the_goth Guest

    Default Re: Very Slow Boot with ZASS

    Are you using ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 7.0.408.000? The prior version of 7.0.362.00 had problems and if you are using this version you should upgrade.

    The problem with the system tray icons not appearing can be due to having 'show icons for networked UPnP devices' active. The control for this can be found in 'My Network Places' in XP. If you still want the UPnP device icons displayed you can trying to wait for all disk activity to cease before entering your user account password on booting up. This allows the system time to get ready before loading your account settings. This works for me and on switching/changing accounts afterwards all the system tray icons appear without having to wait.

    You should if possible state what version of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite you are using as this may help to identify what may be wrong with your computer.

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    starry173 Guest

    Default Re: Very Slow Boot with ZASS

    Without actually being there, it seems like the ZASS version is 7.0.337 version. I keep on checking for updates and it keeps on telling me I'm up to date or it downloads something without actually changing the version. I do have a copy of the more recent version from work...I will try uninstalling the version I have (clean) and then installing the 7.0.408 and see what that does for me. I see that behavior at work. If I buy a new copy for a workstation, it downloads the 7.0.408 version, but none of the older workstations ever get updated to 7.0.408. That will at least give me another thing to try. I will try out the tip on systray icons as well. Thanks for responding.

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    starry173 Guest

    Default Re: Very Slow Boot with ZASS

    You are the first person who had any idea on how to fix the systray icon problem. What you suggested
    worked well. Thank you! I upgraded ZASS to the current version and tried waiting for the disk activity
    to stop before logging on. That also made a huge difference. I'm not sure I gained any time, per se. But
    the annoyance factor has been practically eliminated. I can turn on the PC and walk away and do other
    things...but when I type in the password, I want the PC to come up as quickly as possible. Your suggestion
    worked well for that. Again...thanks.

    I wonder why my copy of ZASS didn't every want to get updated past was sometimes doing an update,
    but never offered any newer version as it used to. I thought that was just how it worked since 337 was
    introduced...updating in place, so to speak.

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    huldin_the_goth Guest

    Default Re: Very Slow Boot with ZASS

    Hi, thank you for your reply. If you do not need UPnP for the 'My Network Places' just switch to hide the icons for networked UPnP devices. That will allow you to boot up and enter your password sooner but the 'My Network Place' icons will disappear until you reverse the settings that hide the icons. Just depends if you have a UPnP device attached to the computer you are using. My Netgear DG834N RangeMax Next ASDL 2+ router connection icon hides when I switch off the UPnP icons but still works OK.

    The non notification could have been down to Check Point AKA ZASS since they balance out the notifications to the upgrades or the auto update in ZASS was switched off.

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    jgs Guest

    Default Re: Very Slow Boot with ZASS

    I had a similar situation like this happen to me and did the following to remedy this:
    Clean out the Prefetch files that can get bloated. Erase all the files in this folder

    C:\WINDOWS\PrefetchThen reboot.

    For more details see: http://searchwincomputing.techtarget...088757,00.html
    Hope this helps.

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