I have 2 machines . The first one is Windows XP Pro SP 2 and is running Zonealarm Pro . The Second machine is Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit . I use the Vista machine as the primary machine and the XP machine as the secondary machine for the Multiplicity setup ( the Vista machines keyboard and mouse control both machines ).

With Zonealarm NOT running , everything works just fine , but as soon as I start Zonealarm
up on the XP machine , the 2 machines lose communication with each other . File sharing still works , just not Multiplicity . Mult32.exe is in the program list and set to allow all communication , I have set the local trusted zone to OFF , I have allowed the ports , everything I can think of to allow it to pass , with one exception .

ZoneAlarm REFUSES to let the second program , which I believe is just multi.exe , into the program list . I have uninstalled and reinstalled Zonealarm , even erased the drive and reinstalled an older backup , etc. Zonealarm jsut simply refuses to let the second part of Multiplicity to have trusted zone access .

I seriously hoping someone else has had this problem as has found a solution . If not , I hope the devs can come up with one quickly , because I really need this to work.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro