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Thread: Email attachment blocking problems

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    maxmac Guest

    Default Email attachment blocking problems

    Hello All ZASS users,
    Please forgive my inexperience, but I am very new to ZA and am trying hard to get the hang of it by myself.

    One major problem is that I cannot open certain attachments sent to me through email - even though I know they are safe (e.g. messages from my family and especially email attachments from my uni which relate to my study). I expect I have to "uncross" something in the programs section but am not sure and don't want to do the wrong thing. Can anyone advise me please?

    Also, ZASS freezes after it has done a (17hr!)scan. I have to restart my computer to get it working properly again. Is there something wrong?

    My computer is very new (Intel(R)Core(TMz)CPU, 6320@1.86GHz, 1.87GHz, 2.00GB RAM, if that means anything to anyone and I am running Windows XP Home OS and have no other security program opreating apart from ZASS.

    I'd appreciate any helpful advice as I'm particularly in a jam over my uni emails.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Email attachment blocking problems

    This is from the ZA User Guide - right click ZA tray icon - see &quot;Help&quot; read chapters on &quot;Email Protection.&quot; This is one method you can use - when you see your inbox and you know which emails and attachments you want/trust and want to open - just prior to opening &quot;shut-off&quot; /disable' - Inbound Mailsafe.<hr>Enabling Inbound MailSafe protection<a target="_blank"></a>

    Inbound MailSafe protection is enabled by default. When enabled, Inbound MailSafe quarantines attachment types listed on the Attachments tab.<a target="_blank"></a>

    To enable or disable Inbound MailSafe:<div class="pSmartList1">
    1. <a target="_blank"></a>
    <div class="pSmartList1">[*]Select E-mail Protection|Main.<ul>[/list][/list]<a target="_blank"></a><div class="pSmartList1">[*]Select On or Off.<div align="left"><a target="_blank"></a><div class="pCellBody">On<a target="_blank"></a><div class="pCellBody">MailSafe quarantines attachment types specified in the attachments tab.<a target="_blank"></a><div class="pCellBody">Off<a target="_blank"></a><div class="pCellBody">MailSafe allows all attachment types.<hr>Other thoughts -<hr>Allowing or blocking e-mail from specific senders<a target="_blank"></a>

    Each time you send an e-mail to a new person, the junk e-mail filter automatically adds to the Allowed list, the address in the To field. Messages sent to you from those addresses will be put in your Inbox.<a target="_blank"></a>

    When you receive an e-mail from a sender on the Blocked list, the junk e-mail filter automatically moves the message to the Outlook folder named ZoneAlarm Junk Mail.<a target="_blank"></a>

    If an unwanted e-mail arrives in your Outlook Inbox, you can easily add the sender of that message to your Blocked People list.<a target="_blank"></a>

    To add e-mail addresses to your Allowed or Blocked list:<div class="pSmartList1">
    1. <a target="_blank"></a>
    <div class="pSmartList1">[*]In your Outlook or Outlook Express e-mail program, select an e-mail.<ul>[/list][/list]<a target="_blank"></a><div class="pSmartList1">[*]In the junk e-mail filter toolbar, click ZoneAlarm Options, then choose Allow Sender or Block Sender.<hr><hr>Your others problems - most new pc/lpatops come pre-installed with security software - have you properly un-installed them?? see -
    use the Removal Tool, if necessary;the simple windows add/remove
    is not enough.<hr>A 17 hour scan is not normal. You may have a corrupted ZA install and may need to re-install. Try this -<hr>if that doesn't work, try this to un-install ZA -
    and the re-install...<hr>following the basic guidelines listed here -
    .<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 11-4-07 - The Letter - The Box Tops<ul>[/list][/list]

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