Anonymizer crashes everytime it attempts to run upon boot up after last upgrade around Nov 1, 2007 of the Anonymizer software.I purchased it from Zone Alarm. I only had about 2 weeks of use and now it is unusable.I wanted to attach there error message but this page only allows hyper link attachments not file attachments that are not html.This is what it says: Title of Message:
Anonymizer.exe application errorContent of message:

"Application has generated an exception that cannot be handled.Process ID: 0x97c(2428) Thread ID: 0x993(2456)Click OK to terminate the application.Click Cancel to Debut the application."
The program never opens.Attempt to debug in Visual Studio .net results in inability to display any code of Anonymizer.exe or any calls.
Any help would be appreciated greatly!Thanks.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version: