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Thread: Trojan detection , True Vector Service , and system unable to detect scanner

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    mrsmbe Guest

    Default Trojan detection , True Vector Service , and system unable to detect scanner

    I use windows xp, and Zone alarm pro + Norton av.After initial boot up yesterday, a message appeared saying True Vector Service has encountered a problem and had to close.Then my system performed a Zone alarm scan and revealed the trojan - Win32.Adware.BMCentrral.aI was advised to delete, and did so. ( I noticed at this point reference to "Onetouch"--- which is my Xerox scanner -- and registry key etc)Norton then displayed the message re trojan, and said it had cleaned 24 files successfully. I believed all to be well.Suddenly, all icons referring to my scanner (Xerox, ) went missing, and my computer no longer identified the hardware.I followed instructions from Zone Alarm customer care, with regard to programs and applications suddenly stopped working......going into safe mode, opening internet logs and deleting all extensions .RDB, LDB,
    TMP. Emptied the recycle bin, rebooted. No change.I then unistalled Xerox and paperport, and reinstalled using the discs. Still no luck, and by now the icon for the associated programme "paperport" went missing too.Even if I go onto all programmes..... and find paperport... it cannot communicate with Xerox. The Xerox files are not listed at all, as if it does not exist.I've gone onto preferences in Zone Alarm, and made sure access is allowed for Xerox, OneTouch, Paperport etc.How do I check that True Vector Service is now ok?Any ideas on how to get my beloved scanner back into action?Have I unwittingly cleared the registry for the scanner? If so, how do I get it back- quickly!ALL HELP GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Trojan detection , True Vector Service , and system unable to detect scanner

    Take a look at these posts here - one thru three -
    <hr>It seems to be a similar detection with &quot;scanners&quot; and 'paperport' software. I don't have any 'concrete evidence' but, it may be a 'false positive/ detection.' Best advise:1 - contact ZA Tech - let them know your whole story -
    2 - you may have to re-install ZA and then install your missing/problem software - again - yes, a real drag. Update the software, make sure you allow in ZA program/ privacy protection3 - my personal tip - whenever, you get any type of detection with any type of anti-virus/spyware scanner - keep quarantined - don't delete {even if it advises to do so}, under quarantined the 'suspect file/s' are neutralized and gives you the 'better' option to &quot;restore&quot; if you later find out it's a false positive - which does happen with everyone.4 - - with Norton AV - you may want to 'shut-off' the &quot;worm protection&quot; - this is sometimes a conflict with ZA - unrelated to your present issue; just a general 'thought.'<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 11-15-07 - Shout - Devo

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