Hi all,

I have a server that runs on my network and receives emails with ASSP, passes them on to hMailServer for delivery to local mail boxes. It is a virtual machine, under VMWare, running Win2K O/S (bth guest and host). It sits behind an external firewall (another VM). Because it was expected to have no users, and it was behind the firewall, I had not bothered to install Zone Alarm. Everything has been working perfectly for a month or more.

Then, a few days ago I was logged into the server, doing some work and I installed ZA(Free) so that I would be alerted to any unexpected programs attempting to get out. Of course ASSP and hMailServer asked for server acces which I granted, with remember. Everything continued to work just fine.

Then yesterday, the host crashed, and I had to reboot everything. When all the machines came back, all appeared to start properly, but....nobody was getting email! Internal people could connect and get "No messages on server" responses, so I concluded that ZA was NOT blocking access.

Eventually my investigation discovered that ZA was blocking port 25, but not 125 or 110 (POP3) - so nothing was reaching ASSP. The log had hundreds of attempts all firewall blocked.

I exited ZA and all started to work properly. So to prove I had diagnosed the problem correctly I restarted ZA, and everything CONTINUED TO WORK PROPERLY! I checked the setup and can see nothing wrong. I even deleted all programs with X against them, so that I would be alerted to their desire to get out.

No errors - perl script (ASSP) and hMailServer have server rights. And nothing else. All works fine.

Closing and rebooting that host machine takes ages and I have many people who expect their email to be delivered so I am reluctant to reboot just to see if it was a one-off. I'll do it tonight when all is quiet!

In the mean time, has anyone any idea what might have gone wrong. And perhaps more importantly, what config option I need to check or change to fix the problem?

IIRC when things went wrong, I probably logged in to the server before all the services had started, so the timing of perl script starting as service and ZA starting is unknown.



Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)