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Thread: ZA Pro Udating Client hogs my internet connection

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    thegitksan Guest

    Default ZA Pro Udating Client hogs my internet connection

    Hi all. Trying to submit this again. Didn't work last time.
    I've given up trying to fight with ZA Pro, which I am testing, because it will not stop updating itself. I have tried to set it so it will ask me first before going through updates. Instead, it hogs my little dial-up connection, to the exclusion of all other programs needing access, such as browsers or e-mail clients.
    I have tried contacting Customer Service, and nobody bothered to reply, despite very specific questions.
    This version is rude and intrusive. I don't like it. I will uninstall this trial version, find a competitor's product and try theirs instead. I will definitely tell friends to stay away from this product.
    Sincerely,Russell Collier in Canada

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    thegitksan Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro Udating Client hogs my internet connection

    Further to my earlier posting, I found after considerable trial and error, ZA Pro would not even let me post to this forum until I completely shut it down. This was a REALLY IRRITATING feature - it was as if the product did not want me to communicate with the forum at all.
    I am really, really irritated by this product.

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro Udating Client hogs my internet connection

    You did not indicate what version of ZAPro you are using.

    Perhaps an
    upgrade would solve your issues?Download versions are here:

    use the link at the top of
    the ZA Forum home
    page for 7.0.462.000

    <a target="_blank"></a>Below is a synopsis of latest version:

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 7.0.462.000<ul>[*]Performance improvements:<ul>[*]Improved system boot time[*]Included a new anti-spyware engine[*]Fixed problems with AV on dual-core and hyper-threaded machines.[/list][*]Stability improvements in anti-virus:<ul>[*]Fixed occasional hangs in advanced dialog window[*]Fixed occasional hangs during scan[*]Fixed occasional hangs in after repair of archive (or similar) on CD.[/list][*]Additional Stability improvements:<ul>[*]Fixed occasional crashes in vsmon[*]Fixed occasional hangs during shutdown[*]Fixed occasional hangs in UpdClient.[*]Fixed various install and upgrade issues[*]Fixed window activation issue associated with automatic updates[*]Compatibility: Fixed compatibility issue with Intuit Software[/list][*]Anti-virus improvements:<ul>[*]Fixed anti-virus signature versions not showing,[*]Don't reschedule AV updates after initial update completes[/list][*]Anti-spyware improvements:<ul>[*]New anti-spyware engine[*]Fixed issue where AS updates reported the client up to date when the client had no internet access[/list][*]Ease-of-use improvements:<ul>[*]New: Added Automatic Network Configuration to Wizard (will automatically add Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, Network Printers and, mapped network drives to trusted zone)[*]Changed update frequency default to every 3 hours[/list][*]Customization improvements:<ul>[*]Made AV/AS update frequency configurable[*]Added Global Reset-to-Default feature (invoked via Ctrl+Shift+right click on ZA icon in system tray).[*]Various other fixes and improvements[/list][/list]
    As to support issues, here is the link to Technical Support
    Reading through this forum is another way of solving problems as is using ZA's manual which can be accessed by right clicking the ZA icon in your system tray and clicking Help.

    If you have made up your mind to go elsewhere and dump ZAPro, GOOD LUCK!
    Just my opinion, but that's not what I would do - ZA is an excellent firewall; check out its ratings with a search engine or two.

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro Udating Client hogs my internet connection

    Dear thegitksan:

    I use ZAPRO and update via a dial-up connection and it works fine. You can set it to manually update by clicking the Overview panel, Preferences tab, and enabling, Manually, under Check for product updates:. The Update Progress dialog box will display when you click the Check For Update button to the right. After less than a minute, it will tell you whether an update is available or announce that your system is up to date. A dial-up connection does not have sufficient throughput for multitasking. Therefore, you should pick 1 day/week to do your updates for your programs and do them 1 at a time. Then, the rest of the week you are free to do the things you really like to do with a computer. The dial-up account limits what you can do online, especially when downloading. That won't change until you upgrade to a broadband or higher connection.

    Hope this helps.


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    thegitksan Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro Udating Client hogs my internet connection

    Thank you, WATCHER, for your kind instructions, which I find to be explicitly correct.

    Unfortunately, these steps do not work. I have done exactly those steps you describe, and still, the update client does not stay turned off. In fact, as soon as I reboot, or start up fresh, it resumes its activities. I dug around on the web for product comparisons, and found there were several that specifically mentioned inability to shut off this function, with one citing an interview with one of the business owners (or maybe directors) who admitted it could not be shut off.

    Thank you once again for your kind attention to my frustrated plea. I have uninstalled this offensive software and I am much, much happier today.

    Best regards,
    Russell Collier

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    thegitksan Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro Udating Client hogs my internet connection

    Thank you Findley, for your kind attention to my frustrated words. FYI, I was testing whichever is the very latest of ZA Pro software. I had downloaded and installed the software, and then commented here, within the 15 day trial period of their latest offerings.

    And FYI, since trying to contact Customer Support (with no reply from them), I have also tried to contact Tech Support at your link below. The process of going through trying to request tech support failed when the web page refused to accept my POST data. I attempted 4 times to post a request, and failed each time, at which point I gave up. I don't know if it was a busy server or something else - at the time I concluded Tech Support had no desire to hear from me, which may have been unfair of me. However, the fact (for me) remains that I was never able to connect with any ZA Pro tech support staff within the time allotted to testing the trial version of their software. Perhaps ZA Pro itself interfered with my attempts ... not sure, but it bears experimenting with.

    The synopsis listed in your reply is interesting, but does not refer to an update mechanism that cannot be shut off. Not sure why you included it, as it does not address my central concern.

    And finally, thanks for the &quot;good luck&quot; wishes. I have uninstalled this software, and am actively researching other products. The ratings I can find via Google do not impress me, because they do not ever deal with the offending function that ZA imposes upon me. I did Google around and found a site called, &quot;Mike's Gripes&quot;, which documents people's darker experiences with a wide variety of software. ZA was prominent in his lists of software which behaves exactly as I outlined at first. In particular, he mentions an interview with a prominent member of the ZA team (an owner? don't remember) who tells hims this latest version of ZA will contain exactly such a feature that cannot be turned off. I can find and distribute the exact URL if you think if it significant.

    For now, I have uninstalled the software and am much, much happier as a result. When I find my replacement firewal, you may be sure I will post my findings here.

    ZA Pro has irritated me THAT much I will expend considerable effort to convincing others that this is a version to steer well clear of.

    I'm not a newbie in any sense of the term ... I've got 20+ years (since the old DOS/Unix days) experience, so pushing me towards more newbie documentation has zero effect.

    Thanks once again for your reply. The product is rude and intrusive, cannot be shut off, and does not admit it can be changed. I'm going for something different as a direct result of testing this product.

    Best regards,
    Russell Collier

    In closing, I urge you to uninstall this product as quickly as you can, and find something else that is better-behaved.

    Most sincerely,
    Russell Collier

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro Udating Client hogs my internet connection

    Dear thegitksan:

    Sorry to hear that. The program probably did not install correctly or the updating component is corrupted somehow.

    There are plenty of other software firewalls out there but, in my opinion, ZAPRO is the best in protecting a PC. Earlier this year, I tried C o m o d o Firewall Pro and it worked well. It's free, too.


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