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Thread: Loss of Hinernate and Standby

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    scientistsmurf Guest

    Default Loss of Hinernate and Standby

    Hi Everyone,I have a Dell Laptop running Windows XP and Zone Alarm Security Suite version:7.0.337.000.I recently lost the Hibernate and Standby buttons (greyed out) from the shutdown window.I have been searching through the Microsoft discussion groups for an answer.
    One message did mention that ZoneAlarm has caused this problem in the past.Anyone with similar problems or a solution?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Loss of Hinernate and Standby

    Hello,<TABLE class="list ol"><TBODY><TR><TD class=number>1.</TD><TD class=text>Click <STRONG class=uiterm>Start[/b], click <STRONG class=uiterm>Run[/b], type powercfg.cpl, and then click <STRONG class=uiterm>OK[/b].</TD></TR><TR><TD class=number>2.</TD><TD class=text>In the <STRONG class=uiterm>Power Options Properties[/b] dialog box, verify that a <STRONG class=uiterm>Hibernate[/b] tab exists. If the tab exists, click the <STRONG class=uiterm>Hibernate[/b] tab, click to select the <STRONG class=uiterm>Enable hibernation[/b] check box, and then click <STRONG class=uiterm>Apply[/b]. </TD></TR><TR><TD class=number>3.</TD><TD class=text>In the <STRONG class=uiterm>Power buttons[/b] section, verify that the <STRONG class=uiterm>Standby[/b] option and the <STRONG class=uiterm>Hibernate[/b] option appear in the drop-down list on the <STRONG class=uiterm>Advanced[/b] tab.

    Note If a <STRONG class=uiterm>Hibernate[/b] tab exists and you click to clear the <STRONG class=uiterm>Enable hibernation[/b] check box on the <STRONG class=uiterm>Hibernate[/b] tab, the <STRONG class=uiterm>Hibernate [/b]option will not appear in the down-down list on the <STRONG class=uiterm>Advanced[/b] tab.


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    scientistsmurf Guest

    Default Re: Loss of Hinernate and Standby

    Hi chiawaikian (Guru),when I run powercfg.cpl I only see 4 tabs.Power Schemes

    AlarmPower MeterAdvanced

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    scientistsmurf Guest

    Default Re: Loss of Hinernate and Standby

    In the Power Buttons section under the Advanced Tab I only have two options

    Do Nothing

    I have set both power button drop down lists
    to HibernateI have clicked ApplyI have restarted the laptop
    The Hibernate and Standby buttons are still greyed out in the shutdown window

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    Default Re: Loss of Hinernate and Standby

    Hello,I haven't heard of this version of ZoneAlarm causing the Hibernation and Standby function to be greyed out; though I could be wrong of course.Right click 'My Computer' and click on "Properties". Then go to "Device Manager"? Are there any exclaimation marks, etc to show that any of the drivers are having problems?Keep me informed, thanks. :8}

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    scientistsmurf Guest

    Default Re: Loss of Hinernate and Standby

    No Exclaimation marks.I just had updates for Windows installed this morning.
    Still no change after that either.

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