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Thread: Zonealarm and System Mechanic 7

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    gnovacek Guest

    Default Zonealarm and System Mechanic 7

    I have used System Mechanic since Version
    3 (it was a great one) and, unfortunately, must say every new version has been
    worse than the previous one. With version 6 I decided that was it, but I did purchase Version 7 because it was offered by ZoneAlarm and I trust ZoneAlarm 100%. My first surprise was to find that System Mechanic actually offers to replace ZoneAlarm with their own firewall and security software. Is ZoneAlarm on a suicide mission, trying to promote their competitor?But have no fear! System Mechanic 7 is so bad, it's the worst piece of garbage I have ever put on my computer, so ZoneAlarm is safe. I could write pages of what is wrong with System Mechanic 7, but what's the use? They're on the way to self-destruct anyway. Other than that, $ 19.95 is not worth worrying about and the thing is completely off my machine - even though it took some work to get rid of all the remnants.

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    Default Re: Zonealarm and System Mechanic 7

    System Mechanic is offered on ZoneAlarm's website becausethey striked up a partnership.We do not offer support for System Mechanic products.The firewall (and anti-virus)in System Mechanic 7 are built in-house and not licensed from ZoneAlarm or any current security producttechnology.

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    scahil Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm and System Mechanic 7

    I have had Zone Alarm Security Suite and System Mechanic 7 working quite happily together on XP Pro for some time until System Mechanic s recent update (7.5.1) when suddenly it failed to recognize Zone Alarm s Antivirus protection. (It recognized it in the previous version mind you.)

    Explanation from Iolo? iolo technologies tries to include as many antivirus and firewall applications as possible in the system security check. We are constantly updating our list of recognized antivirus and firewall products to do our best to stay current with the latest products.

    I was then advised please download and install the updated signature files directly from iolo technologies.
    Having done this with no positive result I was then advised to Create a process report and email it to iolo so that this list will be used to help us add support for your software in a future update.
    Future update? How Future for crying out loud? And what do I do in the meantime?

    Why suddenly have they changed the latest version from the previous one? Do you think it might have something to do with the fact that with the new update, they are urging you to upgrade to the Pro version (a mere $69.95 mind you) which has, lo and behold antivirus protection.
    Well I am happy with Zone Alarm virus protection and have no intention of being forced to upgrade to System Mechanic Pro with the poor explanation that we try to include as many antivirus applications as possible .
    They did include it in the previous version and the reason for removing recognition now, in the new version, is so transparent it is pathetic.
    Scahil the cynic.

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    starfury Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm and System Mechanic 7

    I am quite upset that ZoneAlarm is promoting System Mechanic 7 (by Iolo) because of all of the problems being reported by users of this software.
    If you type "System Mechanic 7" into Google, the 2nd hit is from a tech reviewer at Forbes Magazine's website.
    He does an excellent job of describing the numerous problems with this software and warns people to stay away from it.
    He says "Iolo System Mechanic 7 is the biggest piece of junk I've encountered in my multi-decade history as a computer nerd."
    I encourage you to read this aricle at:
    Also, if you go to other websites (such as CNET and, the
    overwhelming majority of
    customer reviews of System Mechanic 7
    are negative.

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