I have used System Mechanic since Version
3 (it was a great one) and, unfortunately, must say every new version has been
worse than the previous one. With version 6 I decided that was it, but I did purchase Version 7 because it was offered by ZoneAlarm and I trust ZoneAlarm 100%. My first surprise was to find that System Mechanic actually offers to replace ZoneAlarm with their own firewall and security software. Is ZoneAlarm on a suicide mission, trying to promote their competitor?But have no fear! System Mechanic 7 is so bad, it's the worst piece of garbage I have ever put on my computer, so ZoneAlarm is safe. I could write pages of what is wrong with System Mechanic 7, but what's the use? They're on the way to self-destruct anyway. Other than that, $ 19.95 is not worth worrying about and the thing is completely off my machine - even though it took some work to get rid of all the remnants.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
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