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Thread: Scanning process.exe!!!

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    kode Guest

    Default Scanning process.exe!!!

    What is this process? It really slows down my computer, uses 30-50% of my processor.
    When I start my computer, it works well, but after couple of hours scanning process slows my computer so much that I can do nearly nothing.
    I really would like to hear how can I fix this problem.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Scanning process.exe!!!

    Scanningprocess.exe is part of ZA's anti-virus = Kaspersky av. Most version below 7.0.462 will have two of these, but the new/ latest version 462 - I hear has only one, and reduces/ fixes the issues with the high CPU. Suggestion - upgrade to 462.<hr>

    <a target="_blank"></a>New just released to all users 7.0.462.000 XP/2000

    (Vista users can not use this version - see * there is a new Beta Vista version 7.1.218 that is recommended for use *)
    <hr>For ZoneAlarm
    Firewall Products -
    version 7.0.462.000
    only for XP/2000 users. [and of course these new versions - do not affect Vista users - *
    click here &gt;
    ]<hr><ul>[*]Performance improvements:<ul>[*]Improved system boot time[*]Included a new anti-spyware engine[*]Fixed problems with AV on dual-core and hyper-threaded machines.[/list][*]Stability improvements in anti-virus:<ul>[*]Fixed occasional hangs in advanced dialog window[*]Fixed occasional hangs during scan[*]Fixed occasional hangs in after repair of archive (or similar) on CD.[/list][*]Additional Stability improvements:<ul>[*]Fixed occasional crashes in vsmon[*]Fixed occasional hangs during shutdown[*]Fixed occasional hangs in UpdClient.[*]Fixed various install and upgrade issues[*]Fixed window activation issue associated with automatic updates[*]Compatibility: Fixed compatibility issue with Intuit Software[/list][*]Anti-virus improvements:<ul>[*]Fixed anti-virus signature versions not showing,[*]Don't reschedule AV updates after initial update completes[/list][*]Anti-spyware improvements:<ul>[*]New anti-spyware engine[*]Fixed issue where AS updates reported the client up to date when the client had no internet access[/list][*]Ease-of-use improvements:<ul>[*]New: Added Automatic Network Configuration to Wizard (will automatically add Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, Network Printers and, mapped network drives to trusted zone)[*]Changed update frequency default to every 3 hours[/list][*]Customization improvements:<ul>[*]Made AV/AS update frequency configurable[*]Added Global Reset-to-Default feature (invoked via Ctrl+Shift+right click on ZA icon in system tray).[*]Various other fixes and improvements[/list]

    <hr>Simply download the right version, the new version will
    update/ upgrade your current paid subscription over your existing version. See this below &gt; *

    Pay attention to install dialogue boxes for options and instructions.[/list]

    You can download the update from our website in the release history section.

    Click Here for ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

    &gt; Click Here for ZoneAlarm Pro

    &gt; Click Here for ZoneAlarm Antivirus

    &gt; Click Here for ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware

    &gt; Click Here for ZoneAlarm Free - 12-14-07
    <a target="_blank" href=""></a>
    <hr>{ New Features for ZoneAlarm Free: 12-14-07<ul>[*]Added Global Reset-to-Default feature (invoked via Ctrl+Shift+right click on ZA icon in system tray).[*]Added optional Spy Blocker toolbar for IE and Firefox which blocks spyware distribution sites and offers convenient search functionality[/list][*]Various other fixes and improvements } <hr>

    It's fully functional and ZoneAlarm highly recommends you download and upgrade today.<ul>
    [/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<hr>[*]Tips for installing ZoneAlarm 7.0.462:[*]
    - don't use web accelerators(often used with dial-up)
    nor download managers - temporarily shut-off/ shut down<hr>- better to use Internet Explorer 6/ 7 - temporarily, instead of firefox for ZA install<hr>- in your web browser - if it has security &gt;trusted zone/ site list and pop-up blocker settings - adjust -
    add &quot;; to safe-site/whitelist

    and of any pop-blockers software you may have<hr>- with Webroot SpySweeper, SpywareDoctor, CounterSpy, AVG guard, Windows Defender, etc.
    - temporarily shut off the real time protective - shields, guards, watches, proactive protection, Ad-Watch, etc. Or just temporarily shut-down the software.<hr>[*]*

    if you plan to use the recommended &quot;clean&quot; install&quot; option - you can try this: just prior to new downloading attempt, on your current ZA &gt; go to &quot;Overview&quot; &gt; Preferences &gt; General - &quot;uncheck the box for&quot; = 'Load ZoneAlarm at startup' &gt; click once, wait - it may take a few minutes for it to register, but it will clear the box. Now, download and install your new 462. Unloading the current/ old version will ensure less conflicts between the old version and new version; after install you will have to re-start your pc.[*][ Special Note: this works fairly well within those updating from any 7x series
    to 7.0.462; if your updating from 6x series or earlier - you most probably need to use un-install instructions especially for those with ZA anti-virus = ZA Suite and ZA Anti-virus - upgrading from CA av to new Kaspersky anti-virus - this needs un-installing &gt;
    - there are number of other variations
    of un-installing ]<hr>[*]If you wish to keep your settings, create a Backup from Overview - &gt; Preferences before starting, and then Restore afterwards (available in ZoneAlarm Premium products only-all paid subscribers/versions).<hr>[*]

    IMPORTANT - If you have a Cisco VPN client installed, you must first uninstall the VPN client, then follow the instructions below, and reinstall the Cisco VPN client again afterwards. This procedure will remove all traces of the TrueVector service, which was incorporated by Cisco into their VPN software. &gt;
    <hr>For first time users of ZoneAlarm -[*][*]

    1- have you properly un-installed any previous firewall and/or anti-virus?? = this needs to be done -
    . Most new pc/laptops come with pre-installed security software, which should be properly un-installed prior to installing any ZoneAlarm firewall product. <hr>Just One, Not Two -- Never use two software firewalls at the same time. Completely uninstall one before installing another. Use the vendor's uninstall utility or if not available, use the Windows XP add/remove software tool in the control panel.<hr>Just One, Not Two -- Never use two anti-virus products at the same time. Completely uninstall one before installing another. Use the vendor's uninstall utility or if not available, use the Windows XP add/remove software tool in the control panel.<hr>Other Helpful Hints:[*]<hr>[*]<hr>My suggestions: use the recommended &quot;clean un-install&quot; option, and better to 'unload the current ZA' as prescribed above - do pay attention to the tips above - this will ensure a better install.<hr>Next time you post it is advisable to list your OS - correct,
    the ZoneAlarm product version your using - better with exact number -ie. 7.0.337, product name
    .<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 11-20-07 - Light My Fire (7:05)
    - The Doors<ul>[/list]

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Editon
    Software Version:
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware[/list]

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    dextras Guest

    Default Re: Scanning process.exe!!!

    I don't get what this scanning process is meant to do and what I need it for. Can you explain?

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