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Thread: Parental Controls and Site Blocking for Bebo etc..

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    jezter Guest

    Default Parental Controls and Site Blocking for Bebo etc..

    What is the best way to block a site such as bebo ?
    I have ticked Parental Controls for Web Communication and Web Hosting.Also I added the following to Firewall.Rank






    Alert and Log


    But one can still access the site with no trouble. What other settings are available ?
    I was expecting such blocking, albeit "temporary" whilst discussions are ongoing about sons (over)use of
    site and behaviour(!) to be easy. Not so.

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Parental Controls and Site Blocking for Bebo etc..

    Dear jezter:

    Create an expert firewall rule to block it. That is the BEST way as these are executed prior to zone rules. Click Firewall panel, Expert tab, and click the Add button at the bottom. Change the fields per the following:

    Rank-(the next number after your last one)
    Name-Deny BEBO
    Track-Alert and Log
    Source-My Computer
    Destination-Description=Deny BEBO; Host; click OK. Note that ZAISS looks up the hostname to be sure it is valid and puts its IP address in the field below. You might have to go back into the rule to see the latter.
    Protocol-Protocol=TCP; Description=Explicit Deny-BEBO; Destination Port=HTTP--80; Source Port=Other--Any. Click OK and don't forget to click Apply in the lower right of the Expert tab when finished. I tested this and it works. Now, whenever your son tries to enter the URL or IP address of BEBO, he will receive a blank screen or a timeout error. Right click the rule and click Disable to give him back permission to use the site.

    One last thing. Password-protect your ZAISS firewall so that no one can change your settings. To do this, click the Overview panel, Preferences tab, and click Set Password button. Enter your password twice and click OK.

    Hope this helps.


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    jezter Guest

    Default Re: Parental Controls and Site Blocking for Bebo etc..

    Thanks Watcher.I did try and set up an expert rule but I just guessed what was required. Obviously the fields were not as intuitive as I would have liked so your help and guide was most appreciated.
    As you say, this is the best way as it is applied prior to Parental Zone Rules and is also more customised.
    ZoneAlarm Technical Support (thanks Adam) have also advised that the other option is to select the Parental Control category "News Groups". This will also take block
    youtube, facebook, etc.. Again I missed this when trying to find the methodology.
    You can also set the site up as a "Restricted" in IE7 but this is a virtual waste of time since it still allows access but merely shows a footnote on the page that the site is restricted. I did also explore use of the ...\system32\drivers\etc - hosts file but this was not entirely successful and quite convoluted. I am always reluctant to mess with windows settings since peripheral damage is always a possibility (inevitability!) with MS products.
    I have added the other options to hopefully assist others who may also have been struggling to set-up this type of blocking.
    I should add that I have no real issue with bebo since it
    is a very useful networking for peer age group(s). Yes there are some problems with
    handful of
    users engaging in cyber bullying and causing trouble/distress for others. However, generally it is OK. My issue was with the ratio of bebo to school work and the (incorrect) principle that bebo is a given and not an earned privilege. I dare say I will restore bebo to the PC in the near future but a temporary suspension (a virtual naughty step) is a useful tool to prompt changes in behaviour.
    PS. I have used UK (proper) spellings for some words.

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    jezter Guest

    Default Re: Parental Controls and Site Blocking for Bebo etc..

    A few ZA updates later and both NEWS GROUPS option and FIREWALL (as suggested by WATCHER) have stopped working.Previously ticking the NEWS GROUPS in Parental Controls blocked bebo, youtube, facebook etc. for some reason it no longer does.Likewise, firewall settings as per Watcher used to block bebo - not any more.I have triple checked a few times and rebooted etc. and, Yes, the settings were saved.
    Any idea's as to why these options no longer work ?

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    jezter Guest

    Default Re: Parental Controls and Site Blocking for Bebo etc..

    At the risk of answering part of my own question...I changed the firewall setting to use the ip range to using Watcher's guidance the last octet was set to 160.This seems to be working and IE is "cannot display".Success.My son
    was being distracted by bebo when he is supposed to be revising for mock exams and completing module work.
    Still the question as to why Parental Controls - NEWS GROUPS - isn't blocking.

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