I temporarily disabled ZAP a couple of hours ago for ten minutes, and now Windows Firewall and ZAP are feuding. ZAP says everything's fine and everything seems to be working, but Windows XP Security is certain that ZAP's not running and that there's no firewall protection. So it keeps bugging me about there being no firewall, and that I should "click here" to re-enable ZAP.

So I finally give in and do what it says, but then it ACTUALLY puts Windows Firewall in charge instead, and it's for real: All further messages and permission requests come from Windows Firewall!

I try changing it back, but then we're back to the first dance.

How can I force it to understand that ZAP's running things?

A note: Something else strange happened about that time, too. All of a sudden, my main start->Programs menu (old style) is seriously shorter. It's almost as if it thinks another user is logged in, but there ARE no other users, and everything else looks like the normal user is logged in (i.e., if you try to log out, it gives the right username in the request).

Any ideas?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro