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    scouter702 Guest

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    I am running the latest edition of ZAP on ZP pro.
    What is a good utility to run with it?
    I can't use Norton System Works, as it won't take with the AV installed.I was using Iolo Service Manager but with the latest update, that got bad & I uninstalled it.
    Any suggestions?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Utility Program

    Dear scouter702:

    ZAPRO is a firewall + antispyware program. If you have that installed, ANY security suite that you try to install will be problematic as they all have their own firewall and you should never be running more than 1 on a PC. Unpredictable events can occur if you do. You should have an antivirus program and disk sanitizer, and a behavior-based antispyware program to complement the signature-based one that ZAPRO uses.

    For antivirus programs, good commercial ones are Eset's NOD32, Kaspersky's Anti Virus, and Avira AntiVir. I don't recommend using free antivirus programs.

    For signature-based antispyware programs, of which you can use multiple ones on your computer provided you don't run their real-time scanners concurrently(only 1 need be active), good commercial ones are PC Tools Spyware Doctor and Webroot's Spy Sweeper. There are free versions but I don't recommend them as they are not as effective as the commercial ones. There is a behavior-based, free, antispyware program called ThreatFire from PC Tools that I do recommend. PC Magazine stated it was effective in detecting active spyware on your PC. I've used it and it uses very little RAM and is compatible with the other security software on my PC.

    For a disk sanitizer, a good commercial one is Webroot's Window Washer. A good free one is CCleaner but Window Washer is superior.

    Before you decide on what programs you want, you have to evaluate what kind of protection you need based on what you do on the Internet. Also, you have to put a dollar value on your data and what it would cost you(time/money-wise) to rebuild you PC from scratch because of a worst-case scenario like a damaged operating system.

    Hope this helps.


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    scouter702 Guest

    Default Re: Utility Program

    I don't need the AV, as you stated, I've got the ZAP.
    I dumped iolo System Mechanic as last week with their updade, everything started messing up.
    I contacted them & they told me to Uninstall/reinstall which didn't help, so I dumped it
    (It expires in 3 weeks, so no loss)
    I'm llokin for a goo replacement.
    I used to use Norton System Works.

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    watcher Guest

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    Dear scouter702:

    ZAPRO doesn't have an antivirus component. Perhaps you have ZAISS. Either way, don't use a system suite with either of these. They most likely have a firewall and you shouldn't be running 2 of these concurrently on a PC. Same for antivirus programs. Unpredictable events can occur.

    Hope this helps.


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