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Thread: Why am I (lalittle) suddenly banned from these forums?

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    Default Re: Why am I (lalittle) suddenly banned from these forums?

    <blockquote><hr>FrereOP wrote:
    Please don't ever post your e-mail address in a message because that is against forum guidelines (; and will surely get your posts deleted. Some members allow their personal contact details (messenger handles and e-mail addresses) to be displayed in their profiles so check there first.
    <hr></blockquote>I didn't -- and wouldn't (not just because of the guidelines, but for my own security as well.)
    I was asking if you wanted me to &quot;send&quot; it to you -- i.e. some sort of private message sort of thing.
    I'm not sure how this would work, but when you said not to expect to see anything posted here in the forum, I thought that you might
    need to communicate &quot;off&quot; the forums at some point.
    The moderator contacted me and I sent
    a followup email, so I'm just waiting on a followup response.
    Thank you for your help in contacting them.

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    Default Re: Why am I (lalittle) suddenly banned from these forums?

    You could send me your e-mail address. As I said, some members (like me) make their instant messenger handles and e-mail addresses available on their profile page. Click on the user names of members to see their profile. My preference is for Skype (same as my Yahoo name).

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