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Thread: Just downloaded ZASS7 I log on & message that I have the trial version and expiry in 7 days???

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    wilson_green Guest

    Default Just downloaded ZASS7 I log on & message that I have the trial version and expiry in 7 days???

    I have just purchased ZoneAlarm Internet
    Security Suite (1 user for two years) and downloaded it on 10th January 2008.
    Every morning when I log on I get the message that the ZoneAlarm Security Suite will expire in a matter of days and there is a continue trial button or buy button!
    I am obviously pressing the continue trial
    button as I have no other available security on my computer and I am not going to purchase the same product twice!

    All I want to know is why has this happened and what urgent action can I take to corrrect this problem?
    I made the move to buy this product as it was reccommended in the What PC
    Magazine here in the Uk and it mentioned it was very compatible with Windows XP!

    I have used Symantic products up to now and they and the company have proved to be a nightmare including customer service.
    I am on this forum now because there is no other way of communicating for help unless I dial the US on
    a premium rate number at an inconvenient time (Time difference)

    I have tried emailing customer support but
    the help system would not allow me to send my email as it said
    my email addresses did not match and I would have to set up a new email address to contact (Something to
    do with Spam filtering and spam blocking)
    Wow what a farce to try and get some security and service, can anybody help with the problem I have please as I am at the end of my tether???
    I do not want to end up paying
    55 with no security at all and nobody to speak to about the problem, please someone help?

    Kind regards,

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Just downloaded ZASS7 I log on & message that I have the trial version and expiry in 7 days?

    Not to worry. When you downloaded the "15 day trial" version it does give you the option to buy/ subscribe for up to 15 days, since you have paid for a two year license - you should have gotton the receipt page showing the "license key code"
    after you had successfully paid. The key code is the critical item you need. Open ZA &gt; Overview &gt; Product Info &gt; Licensing Information &gt; Change Lic...&gt; enter the key code- to convert your trial to a full 'proud' paying member version. The next day, after all the<strike> paperwork</strike> confirms your key - all should be fine and dandy.<hr>See/ click here &gt;<hr>As to contacting ZA Customer Service thru email - it works better with IE 6/7 with XP SP2, and you do have to allow third party cookies form ZA.<hr>;<hr>And about Norton...
    - hope you had used the Norton Tool Remover - it does make a difference.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 1-18-08 - Show Me The Way - Peter Frampton

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