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Thread: What is this zlqrtdb.dat

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    aol Guest

    Default What is this zlqrtdb.dat

    This file has grown to be 420MB, what is it? Is it safe to delete it?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: What is this zlqrtdb.dat

    Hi,Welcome to the Forum!In reference to this file in question, I googled it and found many different things. May I suggest the following PLEASE?

    Have you checked lately for any type of Nasty Bugs that might have gotten into your computer, if not you may want to check that out by completing an online scan for bugs, but that is your decision.

    PLEASE go to the following site and download Ewido. Here is the link and the instructions. PLEASE keep me updated on your results. If you prefer not to download the program, they give you an option to complete a FREE online scan. Your choice! I usually use the online scan when I cross check my other security programs.

    After the installaton, search for updates and download any available. Start your computer in safe mode, open Ewido, press scanner, complete system scan, fix anything that is found, next run a full virus scan also fix any problems you have. Restart your computer normally and run some more scans with Ewido and your virus scanner, to make sure your clean. If after the second round of scans the trojan still exist we will have to turn off system restore, go back into safe mode again going through the same procedure as before but see if this works first.

    If You have anything NASTY installed on your computer this site will find it and remove it for you, unless it is something that they can not fix, but let's hope that is not the case here.


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    aol Guest

    Default Re: What is this zlqrtdb.dat

    Thanks SlyFox for the suggestion. I'll do that and get back to you.


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    aol Guest

    Default Re: What is this zlqrtdb.dat

    Did an online scan that turned up nothing at all. I have complete trust in ZASS and did not expect to find anything anyway. I rebooted in safe mode and deleted the file and restarted the computer and did a ZASS scan, everything is working properly and no nasties to be found anywhere.

    I called a couple of friends who are using ZASS as well and one had this file at 100MB and 3 others did not even have it. One of them though is on dial-up and he cannot get ZASS to update the spyware definitions, I am thinking of sending him a copy of my ZA folder in system32 to copy over his, will this do it or do you know which are the specific files for the spyware control?

    Let me know what you know of.


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    chasman Guest

    Default Re: What is this zlqrtdb.dat

    From what I can tell, zlqrtdb.dat is the file in which quarantined files are placed.
    The date on the file changes every time you add an item to or delete a file from quarantine.
    I don't see any option to compact this file, so I guess you need to delete it if it gets too large.

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