I have Zone Alarm Security Suite (lastest update) along with Windows XP.

For some time, including at least before the last update and maybe earlier, ZA does not remember an instruction to always remember what I tell it to do.

Sometimes it is a minor annoyance with a single item when I boot.

But other times it is a complete nightmare such as today. It apparently started to go into a scan and, for virus scans, it seemed to ask me to accept or deny for each and every item it scanned! Marking the check mark to remember did no good at all. After some effort, I was able to get the scan to stop, but when it did the spyware scan, the problem was similar - except it didn't ask for every item.

While trying to get it to stop the scan, I've not always been able to do anything except shut the computer off - couldn't even do a proper shutdown!

After rebooting, I tried to run the scan manually with similar problems. However, after turning off the power again and booting, it came up with a message saying it was scanning (as I was typing this). It didn't take very long though before it said it was finished. I do not know whether it was trying a virus or spyware scan though.

So, how the heck do I get it to remember when I accept something?