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Thread: Grrr... bulletin boards time out!

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    peddler Guest

    Default Grrr... bulletin boards time out!

    There must be an easy way to fix Zone Alarm so it will not time out
    between the time
    I compose a post on bulletin boards then submit or send it.Little help please!Nothing worse than hitting the submit or send button after spending time and energy writing a post to have the screen just blank out and act dumb!Frustrating at best!Does anyone PLEASE have a simple, lay-man's fix?

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    Default Re: Grrr... bulletin boards time out!

    ZA Forum does time out but its quite a long time. What I do if I'm composing a long message is to hit the Preview Post link below right in the composition window which keeps you logged in.

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Grrr... bulletin boards time out!

    Dear Peddler:

    Another alternative is to save the message you are replying to and compose the response offline using Notepad. Then reconnect at your convenience and copy and paste the text in Notepad into a post. This method I use occasionally for long responses and allows me to keep a copy of the response for possible future use so I need not type it all again.

    Hope this helps.


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