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Thread: ZoneAlarm and Vista Sleep problem

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    ssavkin Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm and Vista Sleep problem

    This problem is already in the forums since last summer:
    <blockquote>&quot;I also notice that when I click sleep mode the monitor shuts down and locks the computer up to where I have to do a hard boot. If I disable ZA reboot and then go into sleep mode everything works fine... &quot;</blockquote>
    I have the same problem with 7.1.078 Free Zone Alarm for Vista, which I believe is the latest version. When my laptop goes to sleep mode, 1 out of 5 times it freezes after monitor shuts down, so I have to shut it down by holding Power button for 5 seconds. OS crushed few times after that. If I don't shut the laptop down with the Power button it eventually restarts with &quot;Blue Screen&quot; notification in Vista after restart.
    The same thing happens with Hibernate mode.
    With ZoneAlarm closed down (not in the memory) the problem never occurs. I stopped using ZoneAlarm because of that.
    I found numerous references to this problem in the Internet so I believe ZoneAlarm people are aware of this problem.
    The laptop is Toshiba U-300

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    blkbk Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm and Vista Sleep problem

    I am having a similar problem.
    I have two laptops, both 3 months old,
    both a Compac Presario F500. Both have Vista Home Premium. We purchased ZA Internet Suite, two weeks ago, It installed fine on both laptops. Everything has been updated, both Vista and ZA, with the latest updates.
    Before the ZA was installed, The laptops would work fine when put to sleep and hibernation, when you select to shut down, they would proceed to shutdown. After the ZA was installed, both laptops will go to sleep and hibernate, but not wake up, we have to press thr power button for five seconds to shut down, then turn it back on. When you select to shut down the laptop, it takes up to five (5) minutes for the **bleep** down routine starts to work.
    This happens on both laptops, doing the exact same thing. I have restored both laptops to the factory setup by formatting and then re-installing the OS. I then uninstalled the Norton stuff, and installed the ZA. It does the exact same thing as before on both laptops.
    I need
    to be able to put both laptops to sleep, for time critical issues with software input.
    Anyone have any suggestions?
    I don't want to dump the ZA, We have four other pc's (all have XP Home or Pro)
    that run ZA, all with no issues
    since 2004. I have recommend ZA to all my friends and clients. I really want to be able to use ZA on these laptops.

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    ssavkin Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm and Vista Sleep problem

    The only thing I can suggest is installing new 7.1.241 release which is now available for download. I use it for two days now and so far so good. I'll post my final
    results in a week.

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    blkbk Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm and Vista Sleep problem

    The version I have is
    Internet Suite version According to the ZA program update, there is not a newer version available.
    The latest version listed under upgrade
    is 7.0.462. And this version is not compatible with MS Vista.
    I have tried MS OneCare and Nortons, they both work just fine. I don't want to go back to either of them. Downgrading to XP is not an option for these laptops.

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    ssavkin Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm and Vista Sleep problem

    I don't know what ZA program update is saying but the latest ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite release 7.1.248 is available for download here:

    Here is a hint about the update feature from another thread:
    <blockquote>ZASS English was released
    ZA usually
    the automatic product update
    about a week or so after that to ensure a smooth transition..
    When the automatic product update feature is activated you will receive a notice..</blockquote>Good luck with that.

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    ssavkin Guest

    Default The problem still exist in 7.1.248 :(

    The problem still exist in free ZoneAlarm 7.1.248

    It looks like the problem became less frequent as it only happened after a week of normal operation but it's still there. My laptop froze when I
    the lid and then rebooted with a Blue Screen message.
    I hate the idea that I have to uninstall ZoneAlarm again and live with Windows Firewall but what do I do??
    Interestingly, Vista found a solution for this problem:
    but it turned out that the fix has already
    been installed and apparently did not help.

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    Default Re: The problem still exist in 7.1.248 :(


    sorry to hear you have pronblems also with the latest VISTA.
    I had so far no issue with latest ZASS and sleep mode (nor with the previous one). Cross fingers....

    May be VISTA SP1, as soon as released, could make a dfference here?


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    blkbk Guest

    Default Re: The problem still exist in 7.1.248 :(

    I have done all the updates from Microsoft, even the one that claims to fix the problem. I hav updated the patch from HP that reportedly fixes the issue as well. To date I still have the same issue. It won't wake up from sleep or hibernation with out freezing. I have to power down then restart the laptop and delete the sleep profile that was saved for it to start and work right.

    Supposedly, the Vista SP1 that is coming has the MS Vista patch already installed.
    Vista doesn't work now with the patch installed, I doubt it will work right when the SP1 comes out. I have gone through the Power Settings abd created several of my own with different options for sleep enabled. None of them work, the same issue is there, the laptop won't wake from sleep. The HD light will flash on several of the diferent Power Profiles, but nothing else. The light just flashes and I can hear the hd spin up, but nothing else happens, no matter what button I push. I have left it for several hours doing this, and nothing changed.
    I uninstalled ZA Internet Suite, and installed MS OneCare - same issue with sleep. I then installed Norton's version - same issue with sleep.
    I even went through the Registry and compared my laptops with one that does work properly. I changed several entries to match the one that works, still nothing
    This is not a ZA issue with sleep, it is a video driver and Vista
    issue. I am going to uninstall all the drivers for video, sound, network and modem, since they are all tied together in the same packages, and try installing
    one at a time to trace what is acually happening.
    What a pain.
    This is the only gripe I have about Vista, it is nice other than this. I think it is easier to manage a network of several pc's when they have Vista installed.

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