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Thread: Zone Alarm Pro and Symantec Client Security Management Server?

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    zapphil Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Pro and Symantec Client Security Management Server?

    We are using Symantec Client Security in our company network. It supposedly provides centralized management of both anti-virus and firewall processes throughout the network.

    Not mentioned in the sales literature however, is that it does not install the firewall component in the computers used to manage the clients. These are the so-called "Management Servers". The firewall component is installed only in computers running the client side of Symantec Client Security. Worse, it actually instructs to turn-off the Microsoft Windows Firewall during installation of the server software.

    So now I want to install Zone Alarm Pro in the 2 computers running the Symantec Client Security Management Server. Is this possible? I particularly want it for ZA's OS Firewall function, the network is already behind a router/firewall so I'm more worried by worms entering via infected websites or Windows/browser vulnerabilities.

    I would very much appreciate any answers, related experience, or pointers to the above.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro and Symantec Client Security Management Server?

    Dear zapphil:

    Did you contact Symantec's tech support for this? I would be interested in why the Management Servers don't have a firewall.

    That said, are the Management Servers installed on physical servers or are these PCs? The reason I ask is that ZAPRO runs only on Windows 2000 and XP Home/Pro. It's not supported on server operating systems like Windows Server 2003.

    If one of the supported operating systems above is used, it would be possible then to install ZAPRO on the PCs with the Management Servers. As long as there is no other firewall installed on the PCs, theoretically it should work. However, I would try it on one PC first to see if there would be any compatibility problems. You can always request a refund if there are.

    Hope this helps.


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    zapphil Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro and Symantec Client Security Management Server?

    I'll try to contact Symantec, it's just that it can be so difficult to contact Symantec by email. Their website usually gives one the run-around. And of course, I'd expect them to say that it cannot be done without really looking into it. The manual merely stated it as a fact. I asked the tech who installed the management server software regarding the lack of a firewall, but all he knows is what the manual said. SCS's firewall component does not install in its management servers, only in its clients. And also the installation procedure includes turning off Windows firewall.

    I've asked our Symantec local distributor, but so far they haven't gotten back to me. I suppose they're still trying to get an answer from Symantec.

    The Symantec Client Security management server software can be installed in any computer in the network that meets its requirements. In our case, it is installed in 2 Core2Duo machines running Win XP Pro. One is designated as primary, the other secondary. It can be installed in our file server which runs Windows Server 2003, but chose not to because I avoid installing additional software on it as much as possible. Especially software that dig deep into the OS, and my previous experiences with Symantec products doesn't really reassure me. I only installed the client software on the file server.

    I suppose logically there should be no conflict. But again, I am leery of the risks, from experience I know Symantec products can be very picky. With Win98se, I can just reformat the hard disk and start over. But with Win XP, it's a bit more complicated. And frankly i don't have that kind of time.

    I was hoping to ask Zonelab's technical support, thinking that they would probably be more open to such inquiries and easier to contact. It appears they have followed Symantec's lead. I've been going over the website inside and out and cannot find a way to contact them by email without having to pay for premium support.

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