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    bartman Guest

    Default Slow Initialization

    For some time my 7.0.462 Pro system has been taking quite a while to load. A while back I reduced my authorized programs from 750 to 300 but that did not help.

    Are there some log or temp files that I should clean up? If so, can someone point to how to do it?


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Slow Initialization

    Dear Bartman:

    I have the previous version of ZAPRO on my PC and have like a minute wait on mine to load up. I know why there is a delay on mine. It is due to my antispyware program which autostarts at the same time. The minute wait time isn't annoying enough to make any changes, yet.

    Take a look at the services autostarting on your PC. Disable or change to manual those you do not need running constantly. This takes some time and some knowledge but a good starting point is to check here:

    Don't do them all at once. The reason being is that if something unexpected occurs, you will have a hard time troubleshooting the problem if you did all the changes at once. Do like 3/day until you are finished. Not all the services will have to changed but many will be(my experience). If you have a specific service you want to inquire about, post it in the Off Topic category of this forum.

    Next, do you use a disk sanitizer utility to clean your hard drive like once a week. If you don't, you should. A good commercial one is Webroot's Window Washer, available here:

    With a click of a button, I can clean out 50+ locations on my PC. It also allows me to add additional locations. Also, not just delete, but overwrite up to 35 times the same location to make any info resident in these location unrecoverable.

    If you prefer a free one(though less capable), there is CCleaner, available here:

    Lastly, check Windows Task Manager to see how many processes are active just after startup. Google the ones you are not familiar with and find out why they are running on your PC. There are many autostarting locations for programs on your PC, both from the Registry and the file system. There is a free utility available which will show you from where these processes are autostarting from. It is called Autoruns and is available here:

    Please note that doing the above will certainly improve the performance of your PC but may or may not solve the wait problem. From the posts that I've seen re this problem, it is not related to any one problem on a PC.
    Whether or not yours is resolved, please post back the results, if any.

    Hope this helps.


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    bartman Guest

    Default Re: Slow Initialization

    Thanks, Watcher, I will check out your suggestions. My anti-virus is starting at the same time, and also my on-line backup program.


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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Slow Initialization

    Dear Bartman:

    If you still have the problem after doing what I previously suggested, then try this:

    1)Click Start, Run, type msconfig, then click OK.
    2)In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click the Startup tab.
    3)Uncheck all entries, except for zlclient.exe, and reboot. The problem should not be present. Now recheck those that were unchecked, one by one, rebooting after each, until you find the culprit.

    Hope this helps.


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