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    Hi, I use a graphic program
    ( Vestics). Vestics is a collection of
    subprograms. It depents of the needs of the user with subprograms will be use. For all those subprograms in use, I have to
    'tell' ZoneAlarm it is OK. New versions of the subprograms are automatic downloaded and installed.
    Several moments
    of a tradingday Vestics restarts (at midnight and 8 - and 9
    o'clock). ZoneAlarm treats a new version of a program as a new program so from midnight till the morning Vestics does not work and I
    recieve no data and I get 'holes' in my graphics.
    Question - How can I let ZoneAlarm automatic accept new versions of
    of an older
    Dirk Visser

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: newer version of a program

    Right click the application in the ZA Program list. Open the Options in the new window. Use the Security tab. Uncheck the Authenticate components and check the Authenticate program by full path only. Apply and OK. If that fails aqnd odes not work for you, then uncheck both and Apply and OK.

    You can check the first two items in the Security tab of the Options to make sure this works a little smoother.

    Also the Program Control slider may have to be set back to Medium.

    Best regards, Oldsold
    Best regards.

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