Hello again everyone!

I have discovered something most peculiar.

Heres the time line of events:
1.) I reformatted my computer back to factory conditions (Lenovo Thinkpad T61) on 03/25/08
*All I did during this day was install the OS, install microsoft office 2007, install all microsoft updates, install AIM and Windows Messenger Live
2.) On 03/26/08, I installed Counterspy v2 (purchased) and ZA ISS version 7.1.248 on my computer
3.) A few days ago I go to "Programs & Features" and the option to remove or "uninstall" a multitude of programs is not available, the only ones that I can uninstall are ZA ISS version 7.1.248 and other programs installed later (meaning 03/26/2008 to present).
4.) I went to the registry and checked the Uninstall folder, and the only files there are for programs I installed after ZA ISS version 7.1.248, and the values for Adobe Acrobat are changed from (0) to (1).

I do not believe this could be due to any infection since the computer was only formatted less than 2 weeks prior, and to verify I've done scans with ZA ISS, counterspy v2, superantispyware, avg antispyware, **bleep** online, and pandasecurity online.

I've also checked my current HiJack This! log and compared it to the day after formatting (all looks the same)

Did ZA 7.1.248 some how remove all the registry items on accident?

Or, as I've been reading ~25 other forums, is this just bad luck because some program I uninstalled removed all the other registry items for the other programs?

The only programs I've uninstalled PRIOR to 03/26/2008 were:
1.) Driver for my CD/DVD drive because I had to get a new one (reader was out)
2.) Mozilla Firefox because for some reason I always have to install the program 2 times. After the 1st install and reboot, I get this "Chrome Registration Error" for the last 4 years. So I uninstall it, and reinstall. Everything works afterwards.

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite