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Thread: Matousec 'Firewall Challenge' Results

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    Default Matousec 'Firewall Challenge' Results

    I've see no mention of this on this forum so here goes ...

    Here's the link ...

    Note that ZA Pro 7.0.462.000 was used in this test so maybe some of the identified vulnerabilities have been corrected(?).

    Anyway, ZA fared poorly on this test ('not recommended' recommendation) and I'm surprised there's not been a response from Zonelabs (as of this posting) re the test results.

    Comments? Anyone?

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    Default Re: Matousec 'Firewall Challenge' Results

    Actually ZA did it very well and it is in the first 10 best evaluated firewall.

    Also note that leaktest are only one factor influencing the choice of a firewall.
    If you take actual malware into account than you may get different results:

    See here:

    So, what is more important? Actual malware or theoretic leaktests?

    Most firewalls mentioned in the top 10 provide good protection.
    Which one to choose? The one that you like most and work well on your machine.

    Please note that this is a user support forum focused on resolving issue with ZA programs.
    It is not a generic discussion forum or generic firewall discussion board.

    For this reasons I am closing this thread.
    If you have more specific issue with ZA and leaktests it would be better you direct your queries and request for enhancement directly to ZA customer support:

    Please feel free to open a new thread if you need any further support on using ZA products.


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