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Thread: Am I protected?

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    kiteman Guest

    Default Am I protected?

    This is my first time posting to your forum and I have no idea if this is the correct place for my issue. The word "General" seemed like a good (safe) place to start. I am by no means a computer "geek" (sorry if that offends anyone.... I do know a few who wear that name like a badge of honor though). In other words, I need things explained in their basic form. I'm learning though!
    My issue;
    I just uninstalled my AVG 7.5 Anti-Virus in order to update it to their latest version of 8.0. After installing this, I got a Red Shield in my system tray telling me that my Zone Alarm Firewall was turned off. I checked my Security Center and it says that Zone Alarm reports that it is turned off and the Firewall bar is Red (this bar has always been Green). I opened Zone Alarm and checked the status there and it tells me that I am protected. I have no idea if I'm being protected now....... has anyone experienced this problem or have an answer?
    Thanks, Rich
    I have a pretty basic computer:
    Dell Demension 4550Windows XP Pro W/SP2Pent. (R) 4 CPU 2.40 GHz processor1 Gig Ram

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    kiteman Guest

    Default Re: Am I protected?

    I'm replying to my own Post!!!!!!!
    I just wanted to let anyone who might reply to this know that the problem has been solved........ I restarted my computer (even though there wasn't a prompt to do so after installing the new AVG 8.0 A/V) and every thing is now back to normal............ now, if every computer problem could be resolved with a restart........ :8}
    Thanks, Kiteman

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