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    cralis Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm Licensing Costs

    I sent a very similar message to customer service:
    I have contacted ZoneAlarm customer service about licensing costs for ZoneAlarm Pro for home users. I LOVE ZONEALARM! It is efficient, I have not had any viruses or hacking attempts bypass it, I can change settings to allow for my network printer, other computers, etc. and for my laptop I have separate network settings for home and school networks. It is absolutely great. I have used it for at least 4 or 5 years, and used it free for a couple years until I built a home network and needed the ability to manipulate the settings. It has been great.
    Except for the price. I cannot afford $125 a year for 5 licenses.
    I have previously had two licenses I paid for my computer and my wife's computer (they expired this month), and now in the last few months I have picked up additional computers because I am a computer science student. I am not rich - I used school funds and tax returns to pay for the computers I needed. And actually, one computer was given to my daughter by her grandparents. It all adds up.
    There is no (significant)
    home user reduced pricing for multiple licenses. No student discounts. Both things I would have expected.
    I contacted customer service via email and on the phone, and they helpfully suggested I leave a message with these concerns here on the forum.
    Looking at other vendors, **bleep**, for example, offers a "family pack" to home users at $100 for 5 licenses. Still pushing a little too much for my meager income, but better. I've contacted them about student and/or veteran discounts as well. **bleep** does discounting for additional licenses as well. Even Microsoft has prices that scale down for additional licenses on their programs. I understand yours technically scales down from 29.99 to 25.99, but that is still for too costly for my budget. It would make sense if I was a business buying 100 copies... but I am not. I don't make money and I only need 5 licenses.
    I like ZoneAlarm, and it has given me great service. So I feel the need to contact you about this, and give ZoneAlarm a chance to make a better offer before jumping ship to a different (less costly) firewall simply because I cannot afford the cost. If it comes down to it, I'll have to dig up my old pentium 3 and turn it into a linux firewall/router. I hate to do that, it is a pain and is yet another computer running in my apartment, but...

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Licensing Costs

    Hello Cralis ,
    I am very curious why customer support would of directed you here for help with purchasing.This is just a all volunteer help forum.We have nothing to do with sales. I haven't a clue how we could possibly help you with the problem you're having. You might try contacting customer support again, maybe you'll get someone who is more willing to help.

    Here's a link to the web form

    Good luck

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Licensing Costs

    Cralis, the high cost of security. Possible suggestions:<hr>- only renew for 2 user ZA Pro at $55 on your two primary/ heavily used pc/ laptops &gt; the next two instead downgrade a level to ZA Anti-spyware firewall product = at $35 , and maybe the fifth - use ZA Free firewall
    - only renew for 2 user ZA Pro at $55 &gt; the rest use ZA Free firewall
    - only renew 2 ZA Pro &gt; { here comes some deal breakers &gt; on the internet ( fry's electronics, etc.) and in retail stores like circuitcity, bestbuys, etc. = they do 'occasionally' offer sales of retail-boxed
    ZA products that are really nice. Example: ZA Suite for
    - $9.99 thru $19.99 + , for single user / or even 3 user (in some cases 'free' after rebates) { I have gotten ZA Suite in box for $9.99 } So it can be said if your willing to use ZA Suite and do a bit of search and wait for the right moments - it can be affordable. }<hr>ZA Pro is the advanced firewall providing exact control over ads, cookies, mobile code, etc with it's Privacy Protection. The firewall's in ZA Anti-spyware and ZA Free firewalls may not have those exact controls, but will still provide the basic protection you would expect from ZoneAlarm ( you'll just see more ads- possibly
    ). With the use of ZA Free firewall - you may supplement with extra 'free' anti-spyware, yes, you can add extra 'free' software that will provide the same/ most of the basic security/ Privacy Protection of ZA Pro
    &gt; example - Cyberguard's 'Webwasher Classic.' Take a look at 'free' Webwasher Classic by Cyberguard.<hr>
    - renewal prices;lang=en
    - compare all ZA products<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC - 4-27-08 - Lost
    In The Supermarket - The Clash

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