My problem is when XP first shows the deskop and starts the process of
loading icons in the notification area (that's where the clock and other protection, IM icons are located).
Very often, not all icons are loaded or maybe are loaded but do not appear in
that area. In the worst case, I'm left with ZAP's icon and Skype only. Not even
audio control (which if needed, can be accessed from command line, by typing sndvol32). The problem sorts itself after 3 or so reboots, or if I wait a long time whilst entering my XP login and password (at that screen, somehow XP is working really hard at this stage and if i enter my login/pwd too quickly, I know that i will have a problem with my icons loading up).
I did uninstall ZAP and tried other stuff such as: Kaspersky and afterwards, F-Secure. With them two, I don't have the missing icons problem. Right now, I'm back to ZAP 7 with NOD32 AV.

Thanks for any information.

My computer's specs:--------------------------------I use a VAIO FE21s (OS: XP MCE (SP2)) and

the Vaio
icons are: Wifi/Bluetooth Controller, Battery Metre and Mouse Pad. On top of that I have icons for Skype and Intel PROset wireless controller. As for XP, it adds the Volume Controller, LAN and WAN icons.
As for my internet security I use a combo of ZAP7 and ESET NOD32 AV.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro