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Thread: Why aren't my automated settings working?

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    ladycharly Guest

    Default Why aren't my automated settings working?

    I have set the parameters for my auto updates, virus and spyware scans, yet they don't do them automatically. I have to manually make them. Why is this?


    Operating System: Windows XP
    Product Name: ZASS
    Software Version: 6.5

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    sftsft Guest

    Default Re: Why aren't my automated settings working?

    My auto-update and scan schedule seemed to drop off or disconnect around about the next day after SP3. Nothing else was changed. Running XP. I'm planning to redownload ZASS , Clean install, and play with the alerts again. I figure MS is thinking that bringing somebody else's GREAT security product down a little bit makes them look better. Buy the way We always buy The 12 month download option each year.

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