Zone Alarm Security Suite 7.0.470.000Windows XP home
I do not know exactly where to send this inquiry, so I will try this general category.
Yesterday my computer began to behave oddly. Websites I regularly use, such as the Washington Post online, repeatedly produced error messages which eventually shut down IE 7. To visit other sites, I had to get offline, run Window Washer cookie cleaner, go back on line and avoid the W Post site.
Eventually I checked my ZASS and discovered two puzzles. First my firewall preferences had moved to lower settings. Second, my Privacy site list of some 80 or so lines had disappeared entirely.
I reset the firewall preferences and with subsequent use the Privacy site list has repopulated with entries as I visited websites. Most of the entries are ones that attempt to put cookies on my machine.
Anybody have any guesses about what's happening?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite