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Thread: Where can I download ZA Pro for vista 32bit?

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    ayoub Guest

    Default Where can I download ZA Pro for vista 32bit?

    ZA Pro
    for vista 32bit was working great for me.
    I saw a newer version on the ZA Pro download page (
    ) and tried it.
    It seems to work fine in windows but when I try to shut down via start>shut down nothing seems to happen. If I manually shut down ZA in windows before shutting down windows then shut down goes fine.
    I want to revert back to the old version but when I use the link on the ZA Pro download page posted above, I get the ZAP setup.exe 205KB application to run/save before I can download the file. Unfortunately the download file I get is the latest version and not the previous version that I want.
    Can someone please provide me with a direct link for this file.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Where can I download ZA Pro for vista 32bit?

    Actually the link you gave/ the page does have a link to download 7.1.248 on it - it's not the big red 'download now!' button; rather it's...<hr>&quot; was released to the public on January 25, 2008. For changes in this version, click here. To download this version, click here.&quot; &lt;&lt;&lt; <hr>Nevertheless, under the assumption your a 'new' user with ZA firewall products - it appears you had ZA Pro 7.1.248 and attempted to simply download 7.1.254 over it; without using an 'upgrade' process or &quot;properly un-installing&quot; the previous version before attempting to install a newer version - and this is causing an issue - with the former version 248 and newer version 254.<hr>You may need to un-install ZA and then reinstall ZA Pro.<hr>Use any 'one' of these un-install instructions that you are comfortable performing:[*]&gt;[*]
    - there are number of other variations
    of un-installing ][*]or[*]<hr>and remember to...on your current ZA &gt; go to &quot;Overview&quot; &gt; Preferences &gt; General - &quot;uncheck the box for&quot; = 'Load ZoneAlarm at startup' &gt; click once, wait - it may take a few
    seconds for it to register, but it will clear the box.[*]
    Please restart/ reboot. &lt;[*]&gt;
    Now, download and install your new version. Unloading the current/ old version will ensure less conflicts between the old version and new version; after install you will have to re-start your pc. { this is a Super Tip - that will help prevent some 'true vector issues' on upgrades/ updates }<hr>As a preference, you now may download the latest 7.1.254 without any problems or if you prefer you can can stay with 7.1.248 - your choice. &gt;<hr>Generally, when there is a major upgrade and you have &quot;Overview&quot; tab &gt; 'Preferences' &gt; Check for Updates &gt; set on 'Automatically' = you would receive an &quot;upgrade notification&quot; alert and you would be able to &quot;upgrade&quot; - more smoothly.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 6-10-08 - Where Do We Go From Here - Alicia Keys<ul>[/list][/list]

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