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Thread: a slightly different vsmon problem

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    prom Guest

    Default a slightly different vsmon problem

    vsmon is locking up my computer even though Task Manager shows it is only using 10-20% of CPU time.Running on XP SP2, 2.8G Pentium D, 1G ram, ZASS ver 7.0.470.000
    Each time I try to start a new application vsmon grabs control and will not let anything else run unless it is allready running on the desktop (not minimized on the task bar).
    It doesn't even let the screen update to release the "button" (eg "start&quot that was "pressed".
    Looking at TaskMgr, there is a jump in activity to 10-20% for about 85 secs followed by a drop to near zero for about 3 secs and then another cycle of 10-20% for about 85 secs.
    Net result is a three minute wait to do anything.
    TaskMgr shows huge I/O read for vsmon - currently about 180 GB - about twice the used space on my C: drive.
    I have turned off on-access-scanning, but it appears that vsmon is scanning continuously even though not scheduled for a month.
    This is worse than any virus I have ever seen - what can I do?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: a slightly different vsmon problem

    You might have (ZoneAlarm) database corruption. Do the following:
    Strange behavior in ZoneAlarm: database reset

    1) Ctrl + Shift right-click on ZoneAlarm System Tray icon

    2) Click Reset in popup box

    3) Click Yes in Reset Settings dialog box

    4) Click OK when prompted to reboot

    5) Follow onscreen prompts after reboot
    Also, you should be running the latest version, 7.0.473.0, which has fixed many problems:

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    prom Guest

    Default Re: a slightly different vsmon problem

    ZA says I have the latest version (470).
    Thought I saw something that said 473 was for Vista...Will try the reset settings.It seems that a lot of people have been having this same kind of problem lately - how come ZL/Check point isn't fixing it?

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: a slightly different vsmon problem

    The database can be corrupted if the computer loses power or if another security program is installed and running. There are several other cases that I can't remember. Most of us never have that problem (I haven't had it in the two years I've used ZoneAlarm) but when you're the one experiencing it, this statement is meaningless.
    One way to find the latest version is as follows:

    Support (not the dropdown entries)

    Product-Specific Support (click on product)

    Release History

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