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Thread: ZA Security Alert - "Protected"

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    bartman Guest

    Default ZA Security Alert - "Protected"

    This morning for the first time ever I am getting repeated Alerts from ZAP that it has blocked access to my PC from my home network from, which I believe is my router.

    What is this all about? I certainly have not change any of the router parms or ZAP settings. Are there some ZAP settings that I should change to get rid of this?


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    buddybuddy Guest

    Default Re: ZA Security Alert - "Protected"

    It is very surprising, and disappointing, that an issue with such a high profile and devastating effect on so many Zone Alarm clients does not elicit some kind of announcement form Zone Alarm itself. This forum is a gathering of its devotees. One would not have thought an intelligent company would neglect its devotees in such circumstances.

    I returned to my computer today to find it had reloaded the bad Microsoft security fix again and, again, I had no access to the internet with ZA switched on. I had to remove the update again, reboot the computer, etc. I have now switched off the automatic updates, instead setting them to download but ask me re installation. That way I can veto the bad fix each time. Surely ZA had a handle on all this.

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