I see the ZA icon at the bottom right of my XP Pro machine will get active when net activity is going on.
After using ZA for awhile I end up granting 'always ok' status to some programs... such as Internet Explorer, MS Outlook, etc.
BUT... every now and then I see that icon signaling activity is going on and I wonder... who is getting on the net now... which program...
So... my questions...
1 - Is there anyway to see which specefic programs are accessing the net when I see the ZA icon indicating net activity? I mean in real time...
(I've tried right clicking... but if anything is there to do this I'm missing it...)... the ability to see which program is going on line... and to which ip address... would be handy for me.
2 - Is there anyway to have ZA create a log of all activity..l listing which program accessed the net... at what time... and to which ip address.
Thanks for any help.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)