I have been a user of ZA for more than 7 years, originally using the Free version on Win 98 and
later (now) ZA Pro on Windows XP Pro.
When an update is released usually I wait a while before installing it in order to be sure that any
bugs have been ironed out (by checking the forums and seeing if another new release is issued soon after).
Until the problem occurred this week with Microsoft Update KB 951748 I had been using ZA Pro 7.0.462.000
I had previously tried 7.0.470.000 and noticed that it had a bug where the log viewer would not sort the entries correctly in date order - in fact they are ordered in an almost random way!!
Unfortunately, 7.0.483.000 seems to have the same problem!! I am somewhat unhappy that Checkpoint have
not resolved this problem.
Note that this is a problem with the log viewer itself, not the log files or settings. The log files are correctly ordered, AND if I reinstall an older version (7.0.462.000 or earlier) the log viewer shows the entries correctly in date order again without changing any settings.
I don't want to delete the database files since I would lose all my program settings and customizations, which would take sometime to replace. I am happy that recent versions of ZA are less prone to database corruption after a system crash or power failure. This was a frequent problem in older versions.
I have read other comments here about logging issues, and I am of the opinion that the log viewer is somewhat buggy. e.g there seems to be no logic about how many previous entries you can see at any given time. I have always set archiving to 1 day, and the log viewer can usually see more than just the entries in the current log file, but every so often it will reset the list with no obvious reason.
If anyone has any comments on this problem that I have not covered here I will be happy to hear them. I would be even happier to get a comment from someone on the ZA Support team.
Tony J

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro