My question is about son's new HP laptop (vista home premium 32bit). Have not loaded anything yet from ZA, visited this forum first ! Hope I am in correct area for post. I am interested only in better firewall, full options, as in Pro ver.

I'd like to know, with ZAPro purchase, will ZAPro firewall continue to work fine after subscription expires? Thought I would purchase pro version, latest release appears per this forum to work ok with vista home premium 32bit.

I use latest ZA ISS (3-lic) on 3 XP boxes for family. But my own box has ZAfree5.5.094.000 with free **bleep** on W2K. and functional passlock. all are stealthy, per shieldsup.

Not interested in going this pro firewall route if I must pay annual subscription just to maintain license for usage for fully functional firewall. Willing to keep looking. I have used **bleep** and **bleep** personal, they test OK, no BSOD, very stealthy, but not very user friendly, and I know nothing about their functionality on a Vista box. Would rather go with ZA pro if I can pay once, and use firewall past subscription date (don't care about the included anti-viral anti-whatever stuff in ZA_Pro).

thank you for reply. kind regards,

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite