I recently (yesterday) installed the free edition of Zone Alarm version 7.0.483.000 from cnet.com and now my Windows Live Messenger 8.5 doesn't log in and my live chatting on trusted websites don't even connect.

Ok, Im not a PC savvy person but heres the deal with Windows Live Messenger, it takes forever to load then I get a message saying it wont sign in because of connection problems and that I should try troubleshoot. So I do and what does the Windows Live troubleshoot thingy do? ticks everything except for KEY PORTS saying I'm having connection problems due to firewall settings or something like that

So I decided to shut down Zone Alarm and presto, I could sign in to Windows Live Messenger :S

If anyone has any help or advice please let me know because I like Zone Alarm but if it cuts out my Windows Live Chat then I might've have to uninstall it since I havent a clue what to do and I dont wanna waste anymore time sitting here trying to figure it out on my own...in other words...PLEASE HELP SOMEONE!!!

thanks in advance and taking the time out to read this.


Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)