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Thread: Aol Homepage on Internet Explorer ?

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    Default Aol Homepage on Internet Explorer ?

    I stopped using Zone Alarm a few months ago but I have a general question ? I just removed some adware on my computer and when I double clicked my Internet Explorer icon it is showing up as the AOL Homepage. I have not opened up the Internet Explorer icon for some time but I have never known it to show AOL as the default homepage on it before (I have never even had AOL on this computer.) It usually just shows microsoft. Is this something I should be concerned about ? I did a search on the net and saw a bunch of articles about AOL and Internet Explorer and their hate/hate relationship and something also about a merge, no less, but I am confused as to whether this AOL taskbar/homepage I get when I click on my Internet Explorer icon is "normal" or something I should be concerned about as a result of the adware I got rid of. The adware was: Adware_BestOffers and seemed to have something to do with logging keystrokes to give them information about which advertisements to target us with. But, so far, it seems to be gone.

    Any info that could be offered about AOL and Internet Explorer would be appreciated. Thank you !

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    Default Re: Aol Homepage on Internet Explorer ?

    Can't really help you, but you use aol?
    You sure all the malware is gone?
    Have you tried resetting the home page and see if your preferred home page stays in place?
    Use the za free or pro?
    Best regards.

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