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Thread: ZA update 7.0.483 blocks MS Update tool ??

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    dbota Guest

    Default ZA update 7.0.483 blocks MS Update tool ??

    I just updated my ZA internet security suite to 7.0.483 so that I could safely update my Windows XP Pro without running into the recent known problem with MS update . Since the ZA update when I go to Windows update and tell it to do a Custom update and it starts to check for what is needed, it never finishes searching... just searches for hours without coming up with the list of suggested updates to install.

    The reason I know the situation has been caused by the ZA update is that just before doing the ZA update I had used the MS update tool to check to see how many updates were waiting and it worked fine before I chose not to go ahead but instead update ZA first.

    Anyone know what the problem and fix is?


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: ZA update 7.0.483 blocks MS Update tool ??

    I don't think it's a problem with ZA at all, just the proper settings are needed
    Windows update needs
    1. Windows update service to run (I normally have it off, turn on as needed)
    2. Background intelligent... service to run (I normally have it off, turn on as needed). If Office updates, Office Source Engine service may need to run as well
    3. I don't recall whether on the site list you need to make changes in ZASS, but I'd think Mime and javascript need to be enabled just for the MS site
    4. on ZA Program list, Windows Update Automatic Update (wauuclt.exe) probably needs some permissions, though all of mine are "?". If you see entried pointing to Software distribution, permit them, or at least give'm "?" so you'll be asked
    5. Possibly just disable ZA and let the update what it needs to do, then on reboot it'll be all back to normal. ZA will ask questions about changed programs and you can take it from there.

    I've done Custom update yesterday or the day before, no issues whatsoever.

    Are your alerts on? They should be. What do they say? Please quote, as that'll help debug.
    Also is there any error message from the MS site? They have good links showing how to troubleshoot.

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    dbota Guest

    Default Re: ZA update 7.0.483 blocks MS Update tool ??

    I don't know what you mean by the ms update service and the background tool.

    I don't allow autoupdate but get the warnings. Occasionally I go and run MS Update from the Start Menu icon. I had just done the first part of that... but chose to update ZA before I went back to do it again but this time do the updates indicated when I found MS Update would just search and search my machine without finding anything.

    Whoops... I followed your advice and changed the ZA's update settings from all X's to all ? and it seemed to work although it never asked me for permission. Odd.


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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: ZA update 7.0.483 blocks MS Update tool ??

    Re: update services

    Look on the Alerts and Logs tab, Log viewer tab, then Advanced. Check the alerts you think might be useful.

    I'm in the middle of doing some updates as well, so this illustration might be slightly off. Normally both of those services will show "disabled" and "stopped" since I don't want them to mess with me behind my back. To do the updates, both need to be started, first - automatic, second - manual. Don't ask me why. It works that way.

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