Have Zonealarm 5.5 and SMC hardwired router 7004FW.
On the router, I have no special rules set up for port forwarding, just the factory defaults, but I do have the firewall turned on (SPI firewall).
My understanding was that router would block any attacks from the internet (dynamic IP via cable modem). However, today I looked at the Zonealarm logs and see that Zonealarm is blocking a bunch of UDP packets targetting ports 1026 and 1027 from China.
My local IP is assigned by the router as or somesuch (i.e., an unroutable, local IP).
How is this attack getting past my factory default SMC router?
Thankfully zone alarm is stopping it, but I'm still confused.
I have the latest firmware for this router but it hasn't been updated since 2004. Is there some security flaw with that router--I don't see any alerts on the SMC website.
Please help!

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Software Version:5.x
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro