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Thread: PC Tune Up Key Change problem

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    Default PC Tune Up Key Change problem

    I got the new Zone Alarm PC Tune-Up product.

    It comes with a License Key that is longer that the Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite license key.

    When I try to cut and paste the new PC Tune-Up key into the spaces after I clicked "change license" [as directed by the instructions], I simply run out of spaces. I also tryed to hand type the new PC Tune-Up key in... but still run out of spaces. Clicking Apply results in saying the license key is not valid

    How stupid it is that they sell a product you can't easily use. Why do I continue to use Zone alarm?

    So, has anyone else had this problem, and how did you resolve it?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro x64
    Software Version:5.x
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    Default Re: PC Tune Up Key Change problem

    Do not expect the licenses to be cross over into other products.
    The keys cannot be used in different products other than what they were originally intended for.
    You need a ZA key for thre ZA firewalls not a pctuneup key.
    There is no Zone Alarm PC Tune-Up,as the PC Tune Up is another product just sold by the Zone Labs, but it is not their own product just some third party product they recieve a sales commision on.

    We usually ignore the third party products in this forum as this is a ZA forum not the third party program forum.

    I suggest you contact the Customer Support in the link found in my signature and ask for help.

    Best regards.

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