I was using the latest version of ZLISS (7.0.483) on XP SP3 with
Raxco's PerfectDisk (8.0.67) defragger and everything worked fine with one SATA drive.
When I add a second SATA drive for additonal storage then PerfectDisk hangs during the Analysis Phase.
It does not matter what drives I select to defrag (either one or both) the same problem arises.
I have also tried PerfectDisk 9.0.61 (their latest version) and it hangs as well.
If I uninstall ZLISS then either version of PerfectDisk runs just fine with both SATA drives installed.

are a number of people complaining in the Raxco forums about this problem of PerfectDisk hanging with ZLISS installed and they are referred to Zonealarm.

My issue is slightly different in that it works consistently fine with one SATA drive and fails consistently with two SATA drives installed.
The motherboard uses an Intel chipset
and I have
the latest Chipset drivers.
It cannot be an issue with ZLISS blocking anything because everything is fine with the single SATA drive.
The second SATA drive is a 200GB Maxtor split into two partitions (one a 100 GB NTFS and the other a 100 GB FAT32 for Acronis True Image Backup).
Everything works fine if I have the FAT32 partition on the
smaller SATA

Have you any ideas on how I can get PerfectDisk working with two SATA drives like it was with one SATA drive and ZLISS?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite