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    sren Guest

    Default Monitoring internet traffic

    Hello all,Could somebody please tell me how I can tell what programs are accessing the internet.
    When I am online I can see that there is traffic, but I have no idea exactly what is communicating with where?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    watcher Guest

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    Dear sren:

    Click Alerts and Logs panel, then Log Viewer tab. Click the down arrow by Alert Type: and click Program. If you have automatic updating off for your programs, you will probably only see browser programs listed here. Most of the traffic you will see will be inbound attempted connections to your PC. For these, click the down arrow and choose Firewall. You can click on any entry and then click the More Info button in the lower right. This will take you to Check Point's online SmartDefense Advisor and by clicking the Hacker ID tab, you can see who's attempting to connect to your computer. The information here can be used to create expert firewall rules to block future traffic from any source or you can simply click the Add to Zone button and click Blocked to put it in the Blocked zone. Note that expert firewall rules are executed before zone rules are.

    Hope this helps.


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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Monitoring internet traffic

    Another simple thing you can do - open ZA to 'program control' &gt; &quot;Programs.&quot; You can quickly see all programs - green dots on left are active programs. On the very bottom - on mine it's a solid black &quot;address/program&quot; bar &gt; which will tell you the current program - sending/receiving - which will correlate with ZA icon traffic.<hr>You can also use &quot;Windows Task Manager&quot; - right click any open space on lower taskbar area of XP. Open tab for 'Processes' &gt; see all .exe's and CPU . CPU usage = activity = possible internet traffic. After a while you should be familiar with certain .exe's with your commonly used software/apps.<hr>

    As for green dots - usual programs that are on - while you are connected to the net:1 - Generic Hosts Process for Win32 Services = svchost.exe2 - Your main web browser - like Internet Explorer = iexplore.exe3 - your ISP -
    internet service providerthen the rest, depends on your other software/apps<hr>Extra tip - you may want to open up 'program control' while doing any downloading of new software/upgrades or for new updates(especially Microsoft updates); keep track of what's going on - new temp files/ installers / new programs / upgrades, etc. = some &quot;approvals&quot; may be needed, some old temp files/programs should be cleaned out, some re-settings of green checks and red x's.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 10-26-07 - Rock And Roll Stew - Traffic

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    Default Re: Monitoring internet traffic

    There is a DOS program that can do this called netstat which you can run from the command prompt in a DOS window. However, there are two VERY nice front end GUI's for Netstat which will give you a heap of information in real time about which programs have active net connections. They are:-<ul>[*]TCPView from Sysinternals (now owned by M$
    [*]CurrPorts from Nirsoft.[/list]Both need to be run with administrator privileges to see which programs are doing the talking and listening.

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