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    Hello. I have Windows XP Pro. I am currently using ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. 3 weeks ago I got a virus that AVG free thankfully removed. Same thing last week. I don't like that viruses have been getting through. Months ago I had a message from ZoneAlarm that said NetBios was prevented from connecting to the internet. I looked it up and that had to do with the first connection that has to be made for 2 computers to communicate.

    I don't have another computer so I suspected it was a hack attempt. I researched it and found that to be one of the things hackers do. NetBios hack. It has to do with routers and hackers trying to get in the back door of your computer. I've since then secured my WRT54GS Linksys wireless router.

    Last night 2 times someone with an ip address I should've copied down attempted to connect to my computer. One of the times the program that I don't have ,but obvously whoever was using had was P something reporter. I've learned that hackers use seemingly banine programs like network diagnosis tools to learn more about your computer. So I suspect that what that was.

    Then as I'm tying a private message on a forum to someone I get this page:;tab=overview

    Basically it was saying that a hacker was trying to send some info about my computer to themselves. Before hackers can hack you they must know things about your computer It's like the burgler learning your habits, when you leave, etc.

    Anyway it makes me wonder if I'm ok simply ising the free firewall. I get the feeling I probably should purchase one of your products. The issue is which one. Does your ZoneAlarm Internet Security encompus all your products into one product? In otherwords is ZoneAlarm Internet Security an all in one all your products in one thing product?

    Does the ZoneAlarm Internet Security include everythng that ZoneAlarm Pro has? I see that your Internet Security program is a 2009 version. Does that mean every year I have to purchase a new Internet Security every year? Or is there just a fee to upgrade or what?

    I hope all these questions aren't FAQ type. Is the identinty theft part of your Internet Security product simply an encrypter that scrambles info like password, bank/investment info that kind of thing? Does it scramble keystrokes? What's the cost of your Internet Security?

    I'm hopeing you'll help me by directing me to the info or telling me rather than saying it's on our site. Reason is that I'm legally blind. One eye works and it has a condition that I've been going through retina related. I don't like reading for long periods. That's why I'd like your help with questions I've asked.

    I'm 24 and the sole person that takes care of this computer. My folks only know how to use e-mail and internet. My father does work on his investments online. So I want to make sure they are taken care of here.

    I don't like the past viruses getting through. I don't like the hack attempts by whoever. It's desturbing and needs action to be taken. How can I take action and track down who the hacker is?

    I thank you for your help. I hope you can help me. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Which should I get?

    Hopefully this link will help answer your questions: 8.0
    [FONT=Calibri][COLOR=#0000ff][COLOR=#000000][URL=" href=1&SESSIONVAR!skill=Customer%20Service&imageUr l="][COLOR=#0000ff]Click Here for ZoneAlarm Customer Support[/COLOR][/URL][/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT]
    [COLOR=#0000ff][COLOR=#0000ff][FONT=Calibri][URL=" href=1&SESSIONVAR!skill=Tech%20Support&imageUrl=ht tps://"][COLOR=#0000ff]Click Here for ZoneAlarm Technical Support[/COLOR][/URL][/FONT]
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