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Thread: Z100G power sensitivity

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    wboline Guest

    Default Z100G power sensitivity

    I have a Z100G router as part of my home setup and it seems especially sensitive to power hits. I have had a lower end APC UPS with it, my cable modem, and computer on. I have a problem in my two year old house in that the power circuit that my office is on is not well designed and when the laser printer (not on the UPS of course) comes on line the power surge kicks the UPS in. Same thing happens when my wife has the vacuum plugged in on the same circuit. Everything else on the UPS is not bothered by the UPS coming online but every time the Z100G resets completely. I thought it was because it was a low end UPS so I dropped $150 on a new CyberPower 1000VA UPS but I have the same result. The Linksys cable modem, Vonage VPortal telephone adapter/router/firewall, Linksys Wireless router, and computer are not at all bothered by the UPS kicking online but the Z100G does a complete restart every time. I had an electrician in to look at fixing the poorly designed circuit or running a new circuit but because of the location of the office it would be difficult and costly to do. So I have a few options, dump the Z100g for something less sensitive to power hits, tape over outlets on the circuit so my wife does not plug the vacuum in and replace the laser printer with an inkjet, or spend a bunch of money running a new electrical circuit. Seems the easiest may be to replace the Z100G with something less sensitive.

    Has anyone else experienced this kind of power sensitivity?


    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Z100G power sensitivity

    It's best if you post Z100 questions in the 'dedicated forum for Z100 v - the bottom link 'sofaware link' - you will find fellow Z100 users and experts who can better answer your questions, yes.<hr>Please look at this support page for Z100 -Click here &gt;&gt;
    click on &quot;General Faqs&quot; , &quot;User Guide&quot; , &quot;Getting Started
    Guide&quot; . &gt; You can use ZoneAlarm Router Live Chat Support or ZoneAlarm Router Online Support &lt;<hr>If you still need additonal help/advice in the future - there is actually a &quot;dedicated Z100&quot; forum board
    = Z100 all the time -&gt;&gt;Click here &gt;&gt; Posting here will give you a better resolution with fellow Z100 expert/ users.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 8-31-08 - Nights On Broadway - The Bee

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