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Thread: PC Tune-up vs System Mechanic-7

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    monarchist Guest

    Default PC Tune-up vs System Mechanic-7

    Just recently, I responded to an offer from ZoneAlarm for a product called PC Tune-up, which seems to do a fair job. Shortly thereafter, I received another offer for System Mechanic-7 which seems to be the same thing. Is anyone familiar with both of these products? If they both do the same thing, I'm curious as to why ZoneAlarm would offer one right after the other. I would think that ZoneAlarm would pick the best of such products and offer that instead of multiple products for the same purpose, which them makes me wonder if I made the right choice.

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    raideron Guest

    Default Re: PC Tune-up vs System Mechanic-7

    Hi Monarchist,
    Not sure why I'm replying to your post but I have seen ZA advertise PC tune up, also in thepast System mechanic... I would guess it a partnership deal for ZA to get
    ads on their side??
    I must admit when I seen PC tune up I thought it was just System Mechanic. as they lookthe same. Ohh by the way the other guy's Norton also advertises PC tune up also, and thesame on SM.....
    Anyhow I have been with System Mechanic for a while now(6+yrs), and it pretty much doesa good job... I guess. And I would think the same would be for PC Tune Up... Mmmm whatthe heck am I saying ....
    System Mechanic has for the most part done a good job for me, My computer's has beenpretty much trouble free.. I may or may not continue my subscription, as there is other"Free options" out there that does a good job also... ie. CCCleaner(I have that too) etc.
    Since you already have PC tune up... See how it runs for you, I could not give any infoon it just SM which to date does a great job on both my XP Pro/ZASS8/FF and on my Vista/_ _ _ 2008....
    System mechanic has been out for a while and as I said does a good jobpretty much trouble free, the price on it is very good now not sure if the price is the samefor first time buyers. SM has started getting too bloated as far as I'm concern, but theyseem to have listen to their subscribers and their adjusting their newer updates.
    As for if you made a good choice... only time will tell, do a search on it and see what youcan dig up on both... You may be able to talk to "ZA" if you felt the need to switch....
    Hope this helps

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    monarchist Guest

    Default Re: PC Tune-up vs System Mechanic-7

    Thanks for the reply Ron, I think I'll stick with PC Tune-up for now, but I will do some more exploring for both products.

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